Monday, November 05, 2012

Avoiding the Misery of Feminism

It was high time to put together this video as I have seen too many young men and boys completely swearing off women when it is a (good and incredibly rare) woman that will make your life actually quite enjoyable.  In order to achieve this we must understand we have to discern between women and feminism in the fact the two are DEFINITELY two distinctly different and separate things.



Unknown said...

Aiming straight at the core again, aren't you? I'm glad to see this shift in focus that debunks the "you guys all hate women" BS.
We need to break through that barrier.

Captain Capitalism said...

Problem is the core has wrapped around itself a bunch of innocent women.

But I'm a good enough shot. Every once in a while there's an opening.


Stingray said...

This has been linked here.

It's an excellent video.

Rowan said...

Great video Capt, really enjoyed it. Also, you're keeping it sharp today.

Anonymous said...

The more I watch your vids, the more I like you. You project far more intelligence and far less snark when you do videos than your posts (not trying to be mean...just an observation).

I have a question for you: What is your opinion of any person, male or female, who self-identifies as a feminist?

I have a lot of respect for your pal, Dr. Helen, but she tells people in interviews that she is a feminist.

I think Camille Paglia is awesome, and she says she is a feminist, but even Paul Elam thinks she is just a level-headed, highly thoughtful person with bags of opinions. Andrea Dworkin is one of the most famous feminists in history, and she was about as moral as Josef Mengele, Al Capone or Adolf Whathisname.

Feminists are brain-dead stupid scumbags.

My question to you is predicated on why a reasonable, good-hearted, fair-minded person would tell people "I'm a feminist" when 99% of the manosphere hold feminism in contempt.

Clue me in.