Monday, November 05, 2012

Why the Leftist Utopian "Urban Core" Is Unsustainable

- a “first death,” as Calhoun put it, ruining their spirit and their society as thoroughly as the later “second death” of the physical body. 



Cogitans Iuvenis said...

I read this very same article and it is something I have argued about for a while now. Urban Utopias have sprung up many times now. First it was the city beautiful and now its New Urbanism. I recommend reading Joel Kotkin ( information on how people are not moving into cities but rather choosing to live in Suburbia.

And for a look at the rat city in action just look at many asian nations, which have very little habital space relative to the US, and have seen a percipitous drop in their fertility rates and a continuing degredation of their cultural values, think of hikikomori, freeters, or 'herbivores' in Japan.

Unknown said...

Peter Schiff is reading your blog and confirms why the youth shouldn't try until they're 35. Some of these people majored in STEM majors and are still underemployed and in thousands of dollars of student loan debt.

Enjoy the decline! Enjoy the decline even more if Obama gets reelected tomorrow.

Captain Capitalism said...


Link says the video is private. Is Schiff REALLY looking at my blog???

Unknown said...

Someone on YouTube posted an illegal copy of Peter's video before it was to come out today, so Peter and his producer had to ask the uploader to delete the video. Right now, there's nothing up yet and the other video is gone, but I think Peter will have the video up by the end of the day.

I was kind of joking with the Peter reading your blog in context to the eerie conclusions you can draw from watching the countless college graduates in New Orleans who majored in various subjects from neuroscience to mechanical engineering and yet are highly underemployed and young and it just confirmed what you've been saying about not even trying until you're 35. However, you never know if he is or not. Sorry I didn't make that clear enough, but I have tried to contact Peter and his producer about your book within the past month.

Anonymous said...

I dunno about this. The "urban core" with nice parks and boardwalks is a lot less of a rat race than the suburban car culture. Office towers lack space, but nothing is as bad as crawling through traffic.

ChrisP said...

I also saw the copy of Peter's video and watching it made me think of the Captain's book Worthless.