Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hipsters on Food Stamps Part II

It's a simple thesis and no one wants to hear it: hipsters may lack drive, but the world they live in wasn't set up by them, it was set up by their parents, i.e. the Dumbest Generation Of Narcissists In The History Of The World, the ones who magnified the importance and cost of college without having any idea of what should be its purpose, let alone its content.  

I would only add that the Hipsters and youth in general who think they're so independent failed miserably to be truly independent in that they sucked up and swallowed whole the leftist commie tripe that was shoved down their throats.  There was no "don't trust anybody over 30"  They listened to their Baby Boomer and Gen X Parents because the crap they were saying was too sweet to critically think about.

It will be very fun to enjoy the decline.


Anonymous said...

...idea of what should be its purpose, let alone its content.

And yet they were uninimous that it should take 4 years. No matter what you were studying.

CBMTTek said...

Bit longer of a write up than I have time to read right now, but am definately going to come back to it and finish.

The interesting thing, and it gets hit on in section VIII, is the belief that businesses and companies exist for the benefit of the workers.

Or, said a different way, everyone gets a trophy for participating.

ScottH said...

There are too many incentives supporting under performing financially: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-11-27/when-work-punished-tragedy-americas-welfare-state

Unknown said...

The question is whether these hippies will continue to collect welfare even into old age. That's the scary part. We've created a whole generation of entitlement slaves and peasants that the Democratic Party and to some extent the Republican Party can control like puppets in my opinion. This is criminal, but I blame a lot of this on the people themselves for being so foolish in the first place, being spoiled by their parents who decided to become friends with them rather than deciding to be a real parent and preparing your children for the harsh realities of life.

ProdigalSon said...

Welcome to my generation. It sucks.