Sunday, November 04, 2012

David Moscrop Might Be Available Ladies!

David Moscrop

Worthless degree indicating he can't do math and won't produce anything of real, tangible economic value?


Effeminate lispy voice even though you're straight?


Last guy you'd trust to escort you on a date through a dark alley?


Ergo, last guy women will find physically attractive though he's beta orbiting around them at the speed of light thinking his platitudes towards the feminist playbook will earn him the to hold hands someday?


Don't all rush to court him ladies!  Give him some room.  I'm sure there's a line.  Take a number!


Anonymous said...

I want to throw a marshmallow at him just to see him flinch.

Unknown said...

I was looking at some tweets earlier from a few Rutgers University students yesterday who happen to be African American. The utter reverse racism and discrimination from them towards someone like Mitt Romney becoming president is astounding, especially since right now, there is about a 14% unemployment rate for blacks under the Obama administration, and they admit that math makes them "feel like bums."

One of them even had "proletariat" on his Twitter description and I could smell the double standards behind it all. They have no actual intention of sitting down, learning a trade, and getting a real job and want to blame rich white men like Romney and "global free market capitalism" for all their problems. Worst of all, these people were studying stuff like psychology or political science and minoring in the kinds of race oriented "studies" minors that are aimed at impoverishing minorities. In other words, blind Karl Marx apologists who have a dislike for math wanting more money from the New Jersey taxpayers to subsidize their hobbies, when they are already paying high income and property taxes too. One of them actually interned for Chuck Schumer over the summer. Can't believe people like this even have the right to vote when they know that they wouldn't be enjoying this kind of freedom and equality if they lived somewhere like Liberia, the 4th poorest country in the world. Very happy I'm NOT going to that school or will ever attend it and highly recemmend that your readers avoid it like the plague. College can be a Marxist/communist/socialist brainwash farm if you're not careful!

Black racism and black supremacy is definitely real and that gives me even more reason to vote for Mitt Romney. If Herman Cain had ended up being the GOP candidate and there had been a white Democrat promising on the same hope and change pablum platform, I highly feel that these same people would blindly vote for Cain based on the fact they really wanted a black president. Could you do a post in a future addressing this problem that I think might negatively impact the Manosphere? Also, I really wanted to know why crime is so high according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal Victimization study from 2011 compared to Whites and Hispanics.

Captain Capitalism said...

Got the tweets Roberto? E-mail them to me.