Saturday, November 17, 2012

Double Face Palm


Again, I occasionally worry that the advice I dispense to the young boys of today no longer applies.  Then I read what 20 something girls are writing (AND ARE DATING COACHES) and realize, once again, The Manosphere is needed more than ever.

Boys, can you imagine the high-end, deep, philosophical talks you'd have being married to somebody like this, not to mention the mental stimulation you'd have?

Yeah, neither can I.

She wins the Double Face Palm Award!


Herr Wilson said...

I love her bio...

She is the author of ‘Are All Guys A**holes?’

The working title of the book was: "ME: The Story of an Self-Entitled American Suburban Princess."

for which she traveled the country, spoke to over 1,000 men and discovered that the answer is no.

...she discovered huge numbers of these men called "betas" who are more than willing fulfill her completely unreasonable demands and expectations for the mere hint of a possibility of sex.

Anonymous said...

You should read the "Bio" page she has on her web site (link is at bottom of her column). She's got this degree and she's studying for her masters, and she's given lectures here and there and all these other nitwits think she's just so super awesome, etc., etc.

Bottom line: She's a 20-something fluff-head addicted to drama and charges a fee so she can wallow in progesterone, dopamine and estrogen whenever she starts spouting off about RELATIONSHIPS!

American women. Dumber by the decade no matter how many degrees and social baubles they attach to their resume.

I knew a WAC from WW2 who would have sissy-slapped that "Slut-It-Up" Hookupmeistress into a coma for the good of one and all.

Anonymous said...

Your colleague Karl Denninger from The Market Ticker gave a great talk the other day on the economy, markets, the results of the election and what's to come in the next four years:

It's similar in tone and content to your two presentations, maybe you could give it a shout out as a must see after election video on the economy? Thanks.

Rachel & Robert said...

Of course if she is making a good living spouting fluff, maybe we should give her more credit. Capitalism at work, it works even for the unqualified who look hard enough.

Steffen said...

Yep, the author is definitely arguing Bella needs the kind of perspective that will make her a better man-destroying parasite (like herself!) for more giggles and profit.

Young men need to learn about this crap and revise their perspective accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Being a woman doesn't make men take you less than seriously. It's when you open your mouth and crap like this comes flying out that we disregard what you have to say. An entire generation thinks and talks like this and like to label ignoring stupidity as sexism. Yes, capitalism has succeeded. And in this case, has succeeded in creating more mindless twits.