Monday, November 05, 2012

Chicks Dig Mischievous Boys

Chicks dig boys who misbehave and engage in mischievousness.  Engaging in mischief is a high end form of flirting.  The guy does something he knows he's not "supposed to"(demonstrating independence), comes up with a clever way of trying to get away with it (demonstrating intelligence), but also does so right in the face of the girl daring her to challenge him on it (demonstrating confidence).  This usually results in humor, a rolling of the eyes and a further endearment of the boy to the girl.

A perfect example of this is Nathan Fillion.  Not just on screen, but also off screen his character, regardless of the show, is always scheming a little.  Always trying to put one past the female lead role.  It also helps that he's a good looking fellow, but if it weren't for this personality (either his real life personality or the personality of the characters he plays) he would not be the star of Castle which is predominantly watched by women.

To show you what I'm talking about see below:

If you can display such cleverness and mischievousness, it can only improve your game.

Actually, becoming a study of Nathan Fillion wouldn't hurt.  Watching Captain Malcom Reynolds in Firefly is a must for everybody (not just to learn how to be mischievous, but it's one of the best series out there), and if you can stomach the show, Castle is not the worst either.  Though methinks most girls will just watch Castle because it's high end chick lit.  Actually, now that it's November, you should just buy either for the loved ones in your life for Christmas.


jaericho said...

If I remember correctly Castle, the character, was much better in the first season. He was mischievous, irreverent, and had a bit of swagger. In the later seasons he became a whipped, punching bag for Beckett (the female lead/love interest).

They may be changing that a bit in the latest season, but it's too bad I stopped watching seasons ago. Castle just became a vehicle to show off the superwoman that Beckett is supposed to be.

(Altho' the Castle/Firefly crossover scene was hilarious.)

Vicomte said...

Cappy Cap FTW.

goggles said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. They seem to think that building Beckett character as an ultimate male fantasy girl is the way to go. Castle is there just to react to her problems and her awesomeness. Punching bag indeed, and no Fillion can undo this. I stopped enjoying it after a couple of seasons and stopped on&off watching last year. Might check this Comic Con episode though...

Anonymous said...

Too damn early.

Had to watch that clip twice to pick up the running joke :)

he did a great job holding frame.

Anonymous said...

Castle, agreed. 1st season was pretty good.

Fillion had funny lines, and drove a good looking but professional Becket crazy because he was a goof, the murders were Baroque but amusing.

Since then she seems to have morphed into runway model/cop with much more glamour, and he's been seriously toned down ( Also, last season Mr. Fillion could have lost a little weight. He was looking noticeably more portly)

Still an amusing show, but I'd not keep watching it anymore if I had watched the first couple of seasons.