Friday, November 02, 2012

"Well Hello Second Armored" Award

I have decided to start issuing a new award.  The "Well Hello Second Armored Award" named after the following scene in Band of Brothers (at the 6:00 mark)

This award is given to a blog, a blogger or any individual that writes something that surprisingly supports capitalism, freedom, liberty, men and seemingly comes out of nowhere.

It is therefore with great honors and celebration I award the FIRST "Well Hello Second Armored Award" to Verus Conditio for her recent post that blind-sided us in the Manosphere. 

"Oh you beautiful babies you!" (about the 6:25 mark)


Stingray said...

Thank you, Sir, for this and for adding me to the Manosphere Directory. I am honored.

Stingray said...

Oh my, did I just leave a whole bunch of the same comment?

Sorry about that. I thought I was getting the verifications wrong as I can never read them!