Thursday, November 01, 2012

"Top Shelf" Now Available!

Good news everyone!

"Captain Capitalism - Top Shelf" is now available for sale on Amazon!

Let me explain this book a little bit so you know why I wrote it and what to expect.

This is a compilation of the "best of" Captain Capitalism.  However, because I have over 3,500 posts covering various categories, "Top Shelf" is merely the first installment.  The posts consolidated in "Top Shelf" are just that - the absolute best posts, the cream of the crop.  If you're new to Cappy Cap these are "must reads."  If you've been a regular reader for some time, these will you probably remember fondly and like to revisit again.  The next 3 installments will theme around pure economics, then the Manosphere/dating, and finally politics/philosophy, though multiple posts do fall into (and are backed up in) multiple books.

I strongly recommend buying Top Shelf to everyone in that it is my finest literary work. So regardless of who you are, Top Shelf is definitely worth your while.  However, profit was actually NOT my primary motivator in doing a "best of" series.  It was actually to back up my works in case Google decided someday it was not "appropriate" and shut down Cappy Cap or (in a worst case scenario) the economy collapses or the government becomes so tyrannical the only medium by which these works would be preserved would be physical paper.  This mean the other books in the series (say the economics edition) may not be your cup of tea, however, you may want to consider buying them anyway so the data and ideas within are available for future generations in case society collapses or the government starts banning books (think "The Book of Eli" but "The Book of Cappy.")

Finally, I know you may be thinking,

"Well if these great posts are already on the internet for free, why would i buy the book?"

Because it took me 80 hours to go through all my posts and find the "best ones" and it would take you the same amount of time.  The book costs $25 so that translates into 31 cents per hour.  Definitely a deal.

Original purposes of writing the book aside, the book is DEFINITELY worth reading.  It covers everything from economics, the Manosphere, courting, obscure observations, we laughed, we cried, we did shots etc., all that makes Cappy Cap um...."cappy?"  It's a long read, 414 pages, but each post is a gem unto itself and you can digest it at your own pace.  Currently in paper back, but I will be getting it out in hard cover later, Kindle will also be out soon and a "color" version where the charts are in color may also be in the works (though pricey).

Again, thank you for all your support and certainly tell friends (or buy them one for Christmas).


Faust said...

Congrats on your book!

This seems like something that could really, really use a kindle version. Any plans for one?

Faust said...

And now I re-read it and see that yes, there are plans for one. Sweet. I'll pick it up when it comes out.

Unknown said...

I'll be placing my order tomorrow!

Captain Capitalism said...

MOre importantly Suz, write a review or plug it if you would!


Unknown said...

I'm gonna buy this for Christmas. Right now I'm broke, but it sounds like a must-have essential in case the economy takes another dip.

allie said...

each post really is a gem!

tariff said...

Took captains advice with "enjoying the decline" and have purchased and read through worthless multiple times and now that i got myself a job ill be ordering this book minute i get my first paycheck and maybe even get myself a copy of behind the housing crash since more reading doesnt hurt

tariff said...
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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the kindle version!

ChrisP said...

I will buy the kindle version for myself after Christmas is over. I have kids and kids + Christmas = less for me (excluding the pleasure I get from making my little girls happy. I hate that Santa gets the credit for much of the money I spend on them.)