Wednesday, November 07, 2012

No Rings for Liberal Women

As I'm enjoying the decline today I will be providing the cliff notes version of my thoughts.  You can fill in the rest.

In short, women, especially single women, heavily prefer to vote for socialism.

I don't think they even know why beyond a "I want to help the children" or "spending money on the unfortunate sounds nice."  Subconsciously, even consciously, though, I believe they also like the idea of having a father/husband/provider figure in the form of the government in that it not only fulfills the financial-provider role, but there is no payment or consequences for such services.  They need not to commit to any one man.  They need not to be held to a certain set of standards by any one man.  They need not rear their own children nor pay for their children.  100% freedom with 0% responsibility.  In short, no earthly man can compete with the metaphorical "Supreme State Alpha Man" because we (unlike the state) do not have access to the entire financial resources of a $15 trillion economy.

Now, again, as I mentioned in my previous post, it doesn't matter what you would LIKE to happen or how you would LIKE things to be.  This IS how things ARE.  You must accept that and adapt to this environment.  Women prefer the government over men.

Or do they?

It is here I have an evil smirk on my face.

What's the one thing the government can't provide to a woman?

That's right, intimacy.  Namely marriage.  But everything that goes through their brains when you mention "marriage."

"Their day."

"Rocking chair time."

"Frivolities in the kitchen."

"Romantic dinners."

Everything society has built up in their little minds as to just how glorious marriage and the married life is CANNOT be provided by the state.  And it is the one thing you have that they want.  And want it they will when they realize all the government programs in the world won't cuddle up next to her in bed on a cold winter night.

Therefore gentlemen I say "no rings for liberal chicks."

You want to jack up my taxes so you can major in Social Work or English or some other such hobby? Fine, no ring for you.

You want to jack up my taxes to pay for your unnecessary government job as a "child counselor?"  Fine, no ring for you.

You want to jack up my taxes to rear and educate your children?  Fine, no ring for you.

You want to jack up my taxes because you think you have a right to it and are going to spend it on people you deem "less fortunate?"  Fine, no ring for you.

Women have made it very clear who they want to take care of them.  The state.  Of course that still means "us" because we pay the taxes, but with the state acting as a middle man or intermediary, we no longer get to attach strings to said funds meaning there are no standards in terms of how our money is spent (frugally preferably), how our children are raised (by parents, not the state or the education system), how our labor market works (the best are hired, not quotas) and how our economy is ran (with no government interference, not government omnipotence) or what investments are made (infrastructure, not "the chillllldrnnnnnn").

You liberal women made it very clear who you want to marry.  You want to marry Big Daddy G (government).  And I find it hard to propose to somebody who's already married.  I suggest men get a little bit of self-respect here and do the same.


HeManMasterofthePooniverse said...

Funny you should post this. This morning as I woke up and saw the results, and namely the demographics of who voted, I said to myself "This is it, I will absolutely never marry a democrat, we're simply too far apart in our fundamentals"

jaericho said...

"No rings for libs!"

Excellent post Cap! It brightened my day.

Anonymous said...

And remember, once actual husbands are out of the picture, we will watch the lovely darlings get a whole new definition of "domestic violence" when the new hubby, Big Daddy G, starts to show his dark side.

Schadenfreude, here we come.

Anonymous said...

Captain, I'm sure you will enjoy reading Hanna Rosin's article, "Single Women Are the New White Men" at Slate. It's not often that a feminist/democrat will come right out and say that the success of their movement depends upon getting women to detach from marriage and the traditional family.

Mark said...

A lot of women want to get married but only with the alpha bad boy types. When that type of guy gets them pregnant and then ditches them, these women then want the government to step in and reallocate the resources of all the other men to them to help support the kid. The women have bad judgment and make bad choices when picking men and then they want someone else to pay for their bad choices. I don't see any reason to marry these single moms or any reason to work really hard and make a lot of money if the money is just going to be taken away from me by the government and given to them. Multiply me by millions of other guys like me and the money for the welfare state will dry up as we all become slackers who don't pay much in taxes.

LordSomber said...

Did you happen to read this over at Rational Male? Epic.

Marcus D said...

The beauty of it, of course, is that liberal/feminist women love to spout the Womyn's Studies 101 claptrap that marriage is patriarchal enslavement, etc. so they've already written your, excuses for avoiding marriage to them for you.

Anonymous said...

Also, if a woman is a liberal,"progressive," or whatever,it is an indicator//not proof, but a significant indicator//that she is a herd-following conformist. Which implies that if you marry her, she's likely to value to good opinion of her female friends much more than she cares about her husband.

Faust said...

Wait, was marrying a liberal woman something you were planning until yesterday?

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 959

That is some serious dark sh!t that is making me smile.

Lib Arts Major Making $31k/yr At An Office Job said...

My father was a republican running for office in a majority black county.

District after district voted D's all the way down. They didn't care that the black incumbent Dem was embezzling and we had proof. They didn't care that he was funneling taxpayer money into his own private company. They didn't care that there were millions in the local budget unaccounted for.

They cared that he was black and that he had a D by his name. Obama was the same. End of story.

RIP USA, 1776 - 2012. We are now the SSA, the Socialist States of America, no longer United. When the anthem is played, I will no longer salute that flag. It doesn't stand for what it used to any more.

bigmo said...

It's already happening, have you seen the recent statics on % of white middle class births out of wedlock? 50% marriage is becoming a thing of the past for the white middle class.

dan h said...

Watching the Democratic party in Chicago, all I could see was a sea of women and beta/gamma men. The men tended to have a creepy look in their eyes, sort of a "will you accept me as a man now that I voted for the wymyn's president?. Sad day - Even if Romney won, he was not an actual Republican, so there was no possible good outcome last night.

Anonymous said...

What do women need men for? Kids? IVF baby, and "Hanna has two mommies". Money? SNAP cards and affirmative hiring. Protection against violence? Leer at a woman these days, and you're likely to be charged with sexual assault. Intimacy? Industrial strength vibrators and increased acceptance of lesbianism.

What they really need us for is our questing spirit, our desire to invent, create, and improve. And as the rewards for that spirit (money, sex, love) are removed, they'll get less of it.

Someone once said "If women had ruled the world, we'd still be living in caves, but with very nice curtains". That's where we're headed.

Anonymous said...

I dumped my girlfriend of 3 years after she told me she voted for ∅ because "Romney would overturn Roe v. Wade." I knew she did, but I did ask or want to know. She never discusses politics, she was totally uniformed on the issues. She's unemployed, her mother lost her job in the recession and still can't find work. All she knows about politics is what she reads from trolls on social media sites and what her dopey girlfriends tell her. I feel sorry for any man who's married to a liberal. 3 years and I didn't even bat an eyelash when I said goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Women take the shape of the last guy to lie on them. Most don't really have a mind of their own. I know this from experience and the fact that it is a known fact that single women vote democrat and married women vote republican. There is a reason that we didn't let them vote in the past, and there is a reason that the civilized world became socialist when we started to let women vote. - minuteman to the radio said...

Anonymous at 1:50PM,
That is great news.
I married a woman who shares my values.
I would have dumped your girlfriend of three years, too.

Anonymous said...

Seems legit

Anonymous said...

As Cappy said early in the article, a lot of women haven't thought politics or economics through whatsoever. My ex used to vote for the NDP (socialists) here in Canada, and after one long campfire conversation she ended up switching her vote to the conservative party.

And yeah.. as far as the 'dyed in the wool' libleft chicks, they are fuck and chuck material at best.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think the best thing for this country may indeed be to keep the spending going and wait for the economic apocalypse to hit.

It is absolutely clear to me that the vast majority of politicians and voters haven't a clue and perhaps total annihilation of the economy and perhaps the USA government, may be what is necessary to drive the point home. Perhaps starting over from scratch they'd finally be forced to get it.

There's not a damn thing I can do about it. My vote is worthless compared to the millions of idiots who vote for pure economic incompetence. That includes the liberal female airheads.

I too, may think that enjoying the decline is a most worthwhile occupation - since trying to fix it politically is doomed and trying save for the future is like hoarding valueless junk.

The party is over, the socialists and won. Time to sit back and give then enough rope so they hang themselves.

van Rooinek said...

Agree wholeheartedly. I reached this conclusion 30 years ago.

No rings... no dates... no sex... no attention of any kind... for any worthless liberal bitch. TOTALLY EXCLUDE them from your lives. And if the situation warrants, let them know WHY.

True story... back in my college days, I was visiting a shooting range near my home. And I got to talking to one of my fellow shooters, as we were both cleaning up afterwards. Turns out we were at the same college, so we had plenty to talk about....

The topic turned to girls, of course. And he mentioned that he had a girlfriend, who was sort of liberal and wasn't so hot on guns... you probably know the drill. So I posed a question to him....

"What if you marry the liberal woman? And suppose you have a little boy together? And when your little boy is about 6 or so, some drunk driver runs over you and kills you, and his liberal mother has to finish the job of raising him, without you?"

(dramatic pause)

"She won't let him have guns, she won't let him hunt --"

(horrified interruption from him)

"She'd turn him into a total fag!"

There it is, brethern. Liberal women are UNFIT MOTHERS IN ALL CASES, and should never be TOUCHED, let alone married and/or fucked. They do not deserve your ring, your money, orgasms, families, etc -- they deserve to die alone and be half eaten by their cats before anyone misses them.

Anna said...

Good post. Too many citizens get carried away by the gross propaganda shoved down our throats during campaign time. Not nearly enough voters actually pay attention to the platforms...or care about things like when our troops are coming home or if we'll finally get further with renewable energy resources. Instead, people line up like the total sheep they are are vote all the same down the line. "My family always votes Democrat!" Or "I've always voted Republican!"

Gods above...use your brains, listen to what's being said, pay attention to what goes on around you. Make a real, informed, personal decision for once!

Chris said...

Amen, bro.

Dorsey47 said...

Don't marry one you can't convert. If you convert one, you have doubled your impact.

Anonymous said...

Well from the tone of your article I think its safe to assume you are a wealthy, middle-aged, white male. While your demographic has enjoyed the majority of power in the past, the tides are turning, which I believe is marked by the election results.

Feel free to block this comment, as I don’t doubt you will. After all, what do I know. I’m just a liberal woman with a little mind who would never be interested in you.

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 653,

I wouldn't dream of it. I make below poverty line, but that's on purpose to make sure people like you don't get my money.

Dave said...

On the plus side, there will be plenty of nubile young virgins for sale when Mommy's EBT card stops working. Spend a maple leaf and love your new wife, but be firm with her, and you'll be very happy together. When a ragged old feminist walks by hissing "pervert! pedophile!", smile and give your girl a hug.

CBMTTek said...

Today's (Nov 8) Day by Day cartoon pretty well sums this up:
and check it out.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon 653

Thx for acknowledging that all you are really motivated by is power for your own political faction which you suggest is some group which does not include wealthy, middle-aged, white men. Just what do expect to happen when the hated WMAWM faction is marginalized? What happens if another group which you don't approve of takes over? Even if your particular faction, whatever that may be, takes over, will your faction produce the wealth needed to sustain the welfare state that (I assume) you heartily support? If it can't, will the satisfaction of putting down WMAWMs make up for you, your family and your friends living in abject poverty, struggling just to survive?

The Conservative Sociologist said...

As a conservative woman, I'm so glad that you guys feel this way. I am always saying that I could never marrying a liberal, much less even get involved with them. I would have nothing in common with them, especially values-wise, and I find their values to be appallingly disgusting. I believe in equality- that meaning that women (even though I am one) don't get preferential treatment in society. I find it weak if you can't compete in the world on your own, regardless of your sex.

The Conservative Sociologist said...

Oh and usually, men don't want to be bothered by angry, bitter feminists. Get a sense of humor and a non-entitlement mindset, then maybe you can find a date lib women.

Captain Capitalism said...

Conserv. Sociologist, you may like this video series:

Anonymous said...

"In short, women, especially single women, heavily prefer to vote for socialism."

Nothing new under the sun:

"Let us suppose that to-day the proposed revolution were effected; all women, without restriction, even the most vile, would be summoned to vote in accordance with their favorite theory of inalienable right. That class of women, and other degraded classes of the ignorant and unprincipled, will always be ready to sell their votes many times over – to either party, to both parties, to the highest bidder, in short. They will sell their vote much more readily than the lowest classes of men now do. They will hold it with greater levity. They will trifle with it. They will sell their vote any day for a yard of ribbon or a tinsel brooch–unless they are offered two yards of ribbon or two brooches. They will vote over again every hour of every election day, by cunning disguises and trickery. And thus, so far as women are concerned, the most degraded element in society will, in fact, represent the whole sex."

The Conservative Sociologist said...

Thanks for sharing! I wish I would have saw those before I started discussing the economy in my classes this semester. I showed my students "IOUSA" to try to convince them that the current policies (with spending/taxation/inflation) are unsustainable before the election. I am trying (rather hopelessly) to educate people about how the economy really works, but it's a battle for me. People are so indoctrinated.

Captain Capitalism said...

Heh, do not try to convince them. Merely use data and statistics.

I used to teach college econ many years ago. E=mail me what ammo/data/stats you need.

Sonya said...

It should be "how our economy is RUN," not "ran."

Then again, I'm a liberal woman — hopelessly clueless and dependent on Big G.

Captain Capitalism said...

Heh heh.

Sonya, do you have any idea how happy I was to publish that comment?

You have fun playing "grammar nazi." Let me know when correcting people's petty English mistakes scores you any points in the labor market or the dating world.

Sonya said...

Thing is, I'm a health systems programmer by day and a wannabe novelist at night.

Ah, the poor life I lead, financially and emotionally.

Captain Capitalism said...

Good, keep correcting people's grammar. It'll get you far.

Sonya said...

And you, sir! Continue to blog; it will garner money beyond your wildest dreams.

Captain Capitalism said...

Just enough to put food on the table, avoid a higher tax bracket and continue to have you subsidize my public goods. Thanks for working for me. I do appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron.

I'm a big fan of Reddit and I have been posting your videos in relevant subs so they get views. Self posting some of your stuff to subreddits that are sympathetic to your pro liberty, pro capitalist message could probably significantly boost the sales of your books.

The relevant subreddits that you should post to are /r/Anarcho_Capitalism, /r/Libertarian, and /r/austrian_economics. For your videos on women, you should probably post to /r/MensRights and /r/OneY. I have posted a couple of your videos and they have gotten positive responses. I imagine that your blog posts would also be popular.

Creating a Reddit account is free and it's a great way to promote your stuff. Eventually you should do an "AMA" on "/r/IAMA" or /r/internetIAMA so that redditors can ask you questions about your work.

Here Are The Relevant Sites:

/r/Libertarian has almost 70,000 subscribed readers, /r/MensRights has over 50,000, /r/Anarcho_Capitalism has over 8,000, and /r/Austrian_Economics has over 4,000. You could reach a larger audience and increase revenue by just making a few posts.

I hope that your message spreads. It really is a liberty torch in a sea of authoritarian media.

Captain Capitalism said...

Thanks, I appreciate the reddits, but isn't Reddit more or less taken over by a bunch of 19 year old leftists? I've read some of their stuff, mercy.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the owners are, but there are islands of sanity and experience.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the owners are, but there are islands of sanity.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That's fine. We don't want you Libtard women anyways.

I'm a Conservative man, & I can tell you straight from personal experience that Liberal women are corrupted, which is why I don't date them.

Why? Conflicting philosophies. It's that simple.

- Liberal women support abortion (murdering children), I don't.
- Liberal women think being promiscuous & homosexual is "natural", I think it's perverted & unnatural.
- Liberal women are atheists, I'm a Christian
- Liberal women are Feminazis, I think they're nuts.
- Liberal women are uneducated. They lack common sense.
- Liberal women are unattractive. Google Liberal vs. Conservative women & you'll see what I mean.
- Liberal women believe global warming is a "man-made" problem, I believe it isn't.
- Liberal women hate America, I don't.
- Liberal women hate the Constitution, I support the Constitution.
- Liberal women support socialism/communism, I support Capitalism
- Liberal women have no class. They are foul-mouth, obnoxious narcissists who only care about themselves.

Already you can I'd have problems with a Liberal woman. They are simply not in touch with reality.

Liberal women have no "rings" on their fingers because nobody wants them.

Oh yeah, and that Socialism idea made me laugh! Only problem is socialism is only as good as long as people have money. But with our bankrupt government programs, I'm sure we'll be looking like Greece in 2010 in no time.