Sunday, November 11, 2012

Grover Furr the New Walter Duranty

Meet Grover Furr "the new Walter Duranty."

You want to anger people?   No quicker way than to think you're more important than millions of innocent victims of the world's most vicious evil just so you can sit here in a first world country and wax poetically as you pursue luxurious pursuits.

I'll pay for your flight to North Korea Grover!


The Conservative Sociologist said...

I seriously hate this guy. I'd love to have him over for the holidays while my family educates him about the horrors of not only the Holocaust, but the Stalin regime. I also have the urge to elbow him in the face repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

People have a seemingly instinctual, fatalistic view of starvation. They are completely blind to even the most obvious, deliberately engineered famines. Irish potato "famine", Bengal "famine", Ukraine "famine", Mao's "famine", Ethiopia's "famine", and even many of Hitler's victims of "famine" are overlooked.

They're all interpreted as inevitable losses. The concept of stable, well planned, long term food stability hasn't quite made it into genetic memory yet, and tyrants know how to take advantage of this. More direct, rapid methods of killing are "euthanasia", but they get more attention. The media and human nature are whores.