Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oprah vs. The Captain

Ladies you have a choice when it comes to what you want to believe in terms of what intimidates men.

Oprah or the Captain.

Or in other words

"Pretty lies that won't help you in the long run and are more likely to damage you in the long run because they're not based in reality"


"Blunt truth that may be harsh to digest at first, but when you do your life will probably be much happier."

This behooves a question the great Kojak asked many times:

"Who loves ya, baby!?"

The person lying to you or the guy telling the truth.

Oh, you must go to 13:40 mark.


BCM said...

Hi Cappy. Off topic, but what do you think of this article? (http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2012/11/19/if-the-market-is-doing-so-great-how-come-ive-never-made-any-money/)
Plus, given how the inflation stats are gamed, what do you consider the best measure of inflation?

Unknown said...

Go Leykis Clause! Hopefully you've converted some Oprah and Ellen DeGenereres fans and extreme left wingers. Reality is a painful, but necessary truth. Law is no longer a viable career. I heard Tom Leykis say on his show a few weeks ago that there are now lawyers and attorneys on coupons or something like that, so they are a dime a dozen.

I'm so tired of this hypocrisy that these women can't even see that they are working a crappy job and are relying on other people to pay for it because they chose to major in tiddlywinks or underwater basket weaving in school. You're not oppressed, but are the product of your own choices and should have given proper thought to what your priorities should have been. If you struggle to pay rent with that major, don't waste your time with it. It's that simple and it isn't rocket science or anything.

Erasmus said...

Here's an excerpt from the Book of Oprah 3:16, as formulated by CMD-N:

Verily, Oprah saith unto thee, “The woman’s heart is pure and lovely, and no defilement hath entered therein. For it is full of niceness and good feelings and rainbows and unicorns. But the heart of a man is wicked and uncaring, for it is always full of meanness, tainted by porn addiction and XBOX. Thy snowflake princess canst not err, excepting that a man hath forced her to it. It be-eth not her fault.”

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