Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This is the first ever QOTD on Cappy Cap.   He should be proud:

"Women, enjoy your cats
Retirees, enjoy your cat food
Men, enjoy the decline"


Anonymous said...

Is that a Haiku?

Unknown said...

We have no hope. These gangsters have ruined America, in the words of Michael Savage. The Democans and Republicrats have no tangible solutions to this problem and in a ten year period, Obama would be able to raise about 800 billion from sticking it to the rich over a ten year period. If you're gonna tax the rich over and over again, start taxing the hell out of the middle class and lower class. Make them pay "their fair share" too. I'm tired of these populist/socialist/redistribute the wealth/Bernie Sanders/crony capitalist garbage ideas that ignorant people have been perpetuating literally everywhere on the Internet. I'm also tired of these complacent politiicans who are going to be shielded from the bleak future with their wealth, like that hypocrite Nancy Pelosi.

How is raising 800 billion going to effectively solve all our economic problems and make this country number one in the world for math and science? Enjoy the capital fright, further corruption in government and the ultimate decline in our American society, you progressive/"liberal" fools and the many pathetic, complacent politicans that have destroyed the Republican Party beyond repair who know this plan is not going to work at all.

As an artist myself, I'm surprised at how I don't lean so damn left anymore and how I've been able to grow out of feeble minded, black and white ideas of how the world works. I wish there were a lot more cartoonists and artists who shared my views on these issues in terms of holding both Democrats and Republicans accountable. I just needed to get my rant out. This is something right out of the movie "Network."

coolstud said...

yes yes yes

V10 said...

Well shit transmillenium, I'm a poet and didn't know it.

Anonymous said...

France 1940:
Men,hands up
Women,feet up
Kids,middle fingers up

Thidwick said...

If it's a haiku, it's one syllable longer in each line than it should be.

Jack Amok said...

That reminds me, I've been reading Worthless (I got it for my 17 year old nephew as a Christmas present), and it's really good. But I noticed that you didn't say anything about a Veterinary degree.

Seems to me that would be a great option for a lot of people, especially women who might be considering a Wymyns Studies degree. That way, not only can they have a decent shot at paying off their student loans, but they can also save a ton of money in their spinsterhood by taking care of their own cats.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not a haiku, here's why:

The poem explicitly tells you how to feel; A haiku's images must inspire feeling, the words must not tell you what to feel.

[Debatable] The last line is not an image;

"The decline" is a metaphor; Haikus should not have any similes or metaphors.

The 'rule' that haikus should be 5/7/5 syllables is erroneous, so that's not a factor.