Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good to See Socialism Working

"Enjoy the Decline" cannot come fast enough.

I've upped the publish date by a month.  Hopefully before Christmas.

And this is going to be just as timely as my housing bubble book (which coincidentally was published the day Lehman Brothers went belly up).


Anonymous said...

I seriously cannot wait to read this book! I plan to buy it the first day it comes out.

The Conservative Sociologist said...

Speaking of enjoying the decline, you should check this out:

Have you found Cappy Cap's Gulch yet?

Dr. Illusion said...

Oh dear lord.

I'm not sure what was worse, the dumbass law or those idiotic comments on the article.

Carnivore said...

Oh-oh. Captain, are you predicting another significant event on the day you publish your book?

Captain Capitalism said...


I saw the original article and it was dated 2010. Dems have been kicking it around since 2008.

No doubt they are going to make moves for it. Though I am patting my back predicting this would happen AND am very glad I never contributed to any kind of retirement plan.

Anonymous said...

Capt . how hard is it to release your books for the KOBO e-reader? As far as I know it is the major format here in Canada as it is marketed through Chapters, which is our big book store. If your books were available for Kobo I I would have bought them already. - minuteman

Captain Capitalism said...

Eh, I'll have to look at it. Currently scrambling to get this book out. ONly on chapter 3. trying to knock out a chapter every 2 days so it isn't totally sucky writing.

Unknown said...

Morons are everywhere. Absolute stupidity! Now the Spanish government is essentially trying to bail out idiots who couldn't afford to live in a house in the first place.

Even more leftist stupidity in the comment section here. Read all of it for a quick laugh at how these people will continue to ignore everything around them at their own peril because a bunch of "experts" are saying this or that or some loser Nassau County snake oil salesman trust fund baby said it's true. The narcissism and irony is rampant here. Don't even call them liberals or progressives anymore. In the words of Michael Savage, start calling them Bolsheviks because that's who they really are.

Look up Cenk Uygur on Wikipedia and you'll see that he majored in management in college and that he's a former conservative. I wonder why. These people are absolute phonies.

Anonymous said...

If this were to happen in the US, which it has to a degree with the amount of time people are allowed to remain in a foreclosed property, the only long term benefit I see would be to single mothers...essentially allowing them to live rent free, indefinitely. With child support not being considered income (to the best of my knowledge) and all the government help and special programs given to women, they would be able to move from one home purchase/foreclosure to another simply by having more bastard children and providing a sob (DV or rape on her word) story which is never questioned. These lazy irresponsible single mothers are destroying this country and this would be nothing more than an incentive to continue the trend for generations to come. Spain will find this out first hand.

I’m sure some single mother will read this and start screaming, “I pay my bills, I’m independent…blah blah blah.” Well, good friggen whoopty doo for you, I’m obviously not talking about you. You don’t get a medal for taking care of your responsibilities. That’s what you’re supposed to do. And by the simple fact that single mothers pose this argument, proves the fact that enough single mothers behave in this way, that you must defend yourself and not be considered “one of them”.

Bottom Line: if you live month to month you CANNOT afford to own a home! If you don not have 6-12 months of living expenses in the bank, you cannot afford a home. If you do not have at least 20% to put down, you cannot afford to own a home. If you cannot read or understand a mortgage or afford to hire an attorney to explain it to you, you should not own a home.

You don’t deserve one either. A home is a luxury not an entitlement. When you don’t live up to your financial responsibilities, the rest of us are forced to pick up your slack. Your inability to manage your money becomes our problem. I’ll let the Captain explain that as he has a knack for making truth understandable for even the most mentally challenged among us.

CBMTTek said...

Let me see if I have this right?

Four of Spain's banks have been nationalized, and it didn't correct the problem?

Great, let's place onerous regulations on the rest of the country. That should solve it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon there.

I see the loophole in qualifying. Victim of DV. How many women, knowing that they're broke and about to lose the house, are going to call the cops to have daddy kicked out for free money and a free house.