Friday, November 16, 2012

Ladies Night at the Cappy Cap Club!

If you love the Cappy Cap Ladies you will provide them some linkage/traffic love.

Though...*sniff sniff*...none of these girls "ever" link to me...*sniff sniff*...if only they'd ever show the Captain a little love and kindness and link back...*sniff sniff*

Hmmm...children or a Ferrari...I'll take the Ferrari please.

The state will replace fathers and husbands...and women WILL like it damnit!

Instead of Daft Punk's "Harder Faster Better Stronger" it could be "Hotter, Younger, Sexier, Younger"

Die Big Education, DIE!!!!


0 jobs at $100,000 per year is better than 18,500 jobs at $30,000 per year.  It's Marxist economics, you're too stupid to understand.

Financial worry of having children?  What financial worry?  The state will be you husband and financial provider!

Two pieces.  One, the patriarchy will come back, trust me on this.  Economics is like physics, there always needs to be equilibrium.  Two, gosh I love it when feminism and religion collide.

HAR!!!  "Soviet Kitchen!"  The best recipes from the Soviet Union for Thanksgiving!  Enjoy a Thanksgiving meal of gruel and water that nobody will be thankful for!!!

Joan of ARRRRGH enjoys the decline!

I will never abandon my crew.  My crew is what was my family away from home.  They were and to this day are the reason I live.  No girl, no wife, no nobody is going to get me to leave them because I didn't join up with them out of boredom using them to kill time until I found a spouse.  I joined up with them because I wanted to.  Men who abandon their crew deserve the loneliness and tyrannical life their wives will force upon them.

James Bond shouldn't sleep with women.  It's not Christian.

New inductee into the "Cappy Cap Harem"


Don T Tread said...

"I love the smell of Twinkies in the morning."

Enjoy the decline!

Mutnodjmet said...

I do link to you -- but even better, last night on Silvio's show, I gave your Christmas Shopping video a big plug and recommended that people go to amazon through your site!!!

The Goddess of Capitalism does not forget her heroes, ever!!!!

Bonus -- I am an avid amazon shopper and will go through your site from now on. It will be an extra step, but it is the least I can do. :)

Jack Amok said...

"You're too stupid to undersatand."

Ha! Love it. Already ran across one of my prog-quaintances who thinks all the union schmucks will get hired by whoever gets the company post-bankruptcy, so no big deal.

Yeah, riiiiight. Looks like this is a Chapter 7 liquidation, not an 11 reorganization, so they're parting out the company. Whoever makes Twinkies in the future, they'll start from scratch, probably in a right-to-work state.

Anonymous said...

Now then, I've linked to you twice, Captain!

See, I'm a good Cappy Cap Lady!

Wait, did you just game us ladies into proving ourselves to you?

Pat Sullivan said...

Here is more on the Twinkies union.

They made doing business next to impossible.

Now check out the union response.

How does someone say something like that, and maintain a straight face?

Unknown said...

The fact that there are conservative sociologists out there who haven't been brainwashed by the left gives me hope inside. Thanks for the link, Captain!

On another note, could you help me make sense of this?

I already calculated that about 35% of these University of Georgia law school graduates from the Class of 2011 ended up in public/government/academic jobs. 12% of these graduates end up in a business position. 22% of the graduates are working in law firms in the 2-10 category. 30% end up in law firms greater than 10. I'm trying to figure out whether this is a good or bad thing. I have a feeling it's not too good, but I wanted your opinion on this since you know way more than I do.

I'm still trying to figure out all the hype about this school in the first place other than the fact that the HOPE scholarship makes it a relatively cheap school, resulting in a more competitive admissions process than other schools in the state. A bunch of my teachers went to this school for their education program. I've often thought to myself that if this school is so amazing and great, then why do so many people end up becoming teachers and educators after they attend this place? Something's fishy here.

Could there be a connection to the amount of partying people do in college and what they eventually end up doing for a living and why are we letting people like this educate children? Maybe it's just me.

On the bright side, my old math teacher from the 8th grade has a bunch of terrible reviews on her page. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought she was the worst teacher ever. I was trying to figure out where she had gone to college, but couldn't find any specific credentials. Some of the comments were:

"she's laziest, worst teacher i have ever seen in my whole life, i wish to never her class again. if i take her class i think i'm going to shoot myself."

"Shes is a terrible teachee that finds enjoyment in making fun of her students. She has a very obviuos superiority complex."

"She is the most atrocious teacher ever; she cant teach and she thinks shes cool. SHES NOT ALALLALALALALlLALALALALA"

"She's a pretty awful teacher, and she doesn't help us learn crap. plus, she thinks she's funny, but she's really not. i've been in her class for six weeks and haven't learned anything."

You were certainly right about teachers!

Unknown said...

"As a comprehensive land-grant and sea-grant institution, the University of Georgia offers baccalaureate, master's, doctoral, and professional degrees in the arts, humanities, social sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences, agricultural and environmental sciences, business, ecology, environmental design, family and consumer sciences, forest resources, journalism and mass communication, education, law, pharmacy, public health, social work, and veterinary medicine."

I got this from the school's about page. Guess how many of these degrees/programs are actually economically valuable.

On a side note, the Austrian economist (he doesn't currently identify with any specific movement now but that's what he was for many years) George Selgin teaches at this school, so that's actually a plus.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I tried 4 times to log in and say thanks today. Hope 5 is a good number!

Thanks, Captain, for the linky-dink!

No debt, no credit, no mortgage, no worries!

Anonymous said...

you got to start working out dude. you are putting on the weight, and I mean this as a friend.

coolstud said...

Hey Captain, here's a great feature on resent college graduates who have weak degrees. The tampabay times followed three young folks after graduation.

There are fine examples about having a weak degree can do into a person.

Anonymous said...

Oh, there you go against Big Ed again! If a student knows what he is doing when he enters university, he will take appropriate courses, and will work hard on the material. Then he will get a good solid degree (85+ average) and likely find a job in his chosen profession. All well. For those who go to university at the behest of their mothers, a.k.a. superannuated sluts, who expect them to do minimal work and emerge with enhanced social prestige and a quick route to wealth, who have no clue about what they are doing in university and are sure only that they don't want to work, they are in fact attending a branch campus of that greatest of all educational institutions, which is called, not Harvard, not Oxford, not PSU, not UCal, no, it is called F*ck U!!
And F*ck U. will teach the kiddies most effectively! They will be taught subservience in a huge bureaucracy, and that the ability to borrow is most pleasant. They will, of course, really understand their education only some years after leaving their great Alma Mater! But then they will appreciate it at its true value. After all, only at F*ck U. can you learn how the world really works!

The superannuated slut called "Mom" doesn't pay for this, of course, it is little beta "Dad" who foots the bill.

God bless you all, Superannuated Slut, brainless nincompoop, beta Dad! You pay my ridiculous salary! As for you, "Brainless", did I mention that I just gave you an A?

gauthijm said...

"On a whim, she had applied online to Alaska Airlines, as far away as she could think of from Florida. At the end of June, the company would be holding a group interview to hire flight attendants. Job requirements: a bubbly personality and a bachelor's degree."

Whaaaaaaatttt ?

A bachelor's degree to serve coffee and nuts for 30K a year!!!!!

now that's what I call a devalued currency