Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Capital Fright"

Capital FLIGHT is where money, talent and labor FLEES a country in fear of confiscation or taxation in hopes of finding greener economic pastures.

However, no term has ever been created to describe where a country's political action SCARES AWAY would-be investors and immigrants...until now!

Therefore, I, Aaron Clarey, on this November the Tenth of 2012 coin a new term that shall forever be recorded and used in the economic textbooks of the future-

"Capital FRIGHT"

From SDA (Canadian)

My wife and I recently retired. For the past few years we have been considering moving south to enjoy retirement. I have always admired the American people and looked forward to being among them. Four years ago we were rather taken aback by Obama's win but considered it a "one off" and that things would get back to normal in a few years.
Last Tuesday's results made up our minds. We are giving up any hope of moving to the US in the near future. We aren't rich by any means but we have sufficient funds to live well and support ourselves in a very reasonable manner. Quite frankly, we are scared at what the USA has become.
and in what direction it is going. Canada has been good to us but we felt that living in the US would better fit our desires in retirement.
We are staying put. This country has a lot more going for it than the USA at this time in our lives. We'll put up with the winters and all.
It is so very sad what has happened to the USA in so few years.

I told you I had SAEG (TM)


Chris said...


I won't visit the States.

I won't invest in the States.

Despite having ringfenced education dollars that would allow me to spend a week in the US most years, I go to other countries for conferences. It costs work and me around 4000$US a trip... so it is not small change.

And I ain't gonna change those policies.

max said...

Well I'm Canadian too, at least 30 years away from retirement, and am looking forward to being able to afford a house in the US. Eventually you guys will come to your senses and decommunize the place, but before that happens there's gonna be some steals on houses.

Anonymous said...

I tried watching "The International" on DVD last night. Now, I quite like thrillers and conspiracy theory films, and can put up with a lot of rubbish.

What made me turn it off and vow to return it straight back to the library was a bit early on. Naomi Watts's character is explaining that the bank is eeevvvvillll. And in doing so she uses the examples of "funding terrorism and aiding capital flight".

FFS. Go copulate vigorously with yourself. I honestly don't know which option is worse: that they consider capital flight to be as bad as terrorism, or that they consider terrorism to be no more serious than capital flight.

Pirran said...

Ah....apologies for the bubble-bursting time, but this phrase has been around in Europe for a while (I've certainly seen it in the Telegraph)....Sorry...(I've even seen one instance from 1998)

Captain Capitalism said...

Just can't let the old dog have his day, can you Pirran?

Anonymous said...

SDA - Actually, if it gets much worse in the States, I may head up north to join you.