Friday, November 23, 2012

Dealing With the HR Ditz

The next war the Captain will be waging is on Human Resources.  You math impaired children have been warned.


Anonymous said...

There's a good reason to dislike HR if you're a man. They're very biased against men:

Special bias tests were taken by 122 HR professionals to measure their unconscious prejudices in a range of common areas such as age, gender, weight and disability. The tests, designed by specialist provider Hogrefe Implicity, revealed that almost 40 per cent of those surveyed showed a preference for one gender (overwhelmingly, they were in favour of women).

The tests, which assess unwitting associations of gender and competence, found that men were the losers with 37 per cent of respondents revealing a bias against them. Yet only 1 per cent showed a prejudice against women.

See the study at:

Unknown said...

Math impaired is right. We're behind Australia and China in math and science scores. No time to major in philosophy or archeology like Saul Alinsky knowlingly did and corrupt the population with absolute fantasy nonsense anymore. Thanks for the HR video. I loved it.

Hope you had a good Black Friday! Mark Dice made a bunch of videos making fun of the lunacy and the credit card debt people were getting themselves into as a result.

Anonymous said...

I was once asked in an interview for a technical position: "tell me a story." Another time (in a social setting), I eavesdropped on two HR ditzes expound on how great this exact question and others like it were because they demonstrate "creativity" and "thinking on your feet".

Tell me sweetie, did you build the images for the FPGAs that run your cute widdle pink-cased smart phone with the Hello Kitty stickers sitting on your desk? Were you on the team that developed the 16G micro SD card in it that's storing all those catchy, grrrlll-power Katie Perry songs?

Is that creative enough for you? Hmmm? Is it?

Anonymous said...

What has changed since Robert Townsend wrote "Up the Organisation" around the 1960's. His view was that if you took over a company with a personnel department, fire the lot of them before making any other decisions and, if they called themselves Human Resources do not even take the company over. That little book was never recommended by any business school that I know, but it contained such gems as "If you can't do it excellently, don't do it at all" and a comparison between the Ottoman Turk's performance appraisal and a good appraisal by a personnel person. It's out of print now, but second hand copies come up on Amazon Marketplace from time to time. Oh, and I'm not Robert Townsend IRL either.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another grrrreat video, Cappy!

SERIOUS COMMENT > You will have a bestseller at airport book stores / newstands (not to mention ebook sales by the terrabyte) if you could pen a pithy rant about HR and the ditzes therein. EVERY road warrior I know (and I know a bunch of them) wants to wring their useless, paper-pushing bureaucratic necks!!!

When you finish your current writing project, PLEASE tear into the entire HR function - it has metasticized into a lethal business-killing cancer.

Keep up one of the BEST blogs on the entire interwebs!


Quartermain said...

This has been a problem for over a quarter of a century.

It has been needed to be said.

Captain Capitalism said...

Oh, I already have plans for an HR book. It's booked for later this year.

Keoni Galt said...

Just think of the very term itself for a moment.

Human Resources.

You're a battery for the matrix, slowly draining your life essence away. Once your resources run out, you are discarded and replaced with a new resource.

Anonymous said...

all men should know they shall never let a woman take decisions about their lives: this include starting with birth - a man needs a father or other guys to teach them manly stuffs (unfortunately the there are too many single moms and men are discriminated to care for children or to be employed in childcare places) It follows schools, where such Ditz women gives you grades, (I hated those in literature, history, even chemistry and some other feminism propaganda they've done and marked me). Then it follows HR, banks, laws, religion. Also dating. Dont let them take any decision about your life, avoid them, fight for change, separatism.

Read the book The Manipulated Man.pdf by Esther Vilar can be found on torrent sites. and the MRA documents.

Anonymous said...

Well said about HR. Although being an "older" female, I have found the treatment similar as given to men. I have yet to get a job via HR.

Adding to your history of why HR was created, I remember in the 70s that the Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity was employed to spread the jobs among different ethnic groups, regardless of the person's abilities. It was not targeted to employ more females. Been there - gone through that - didn't get jobs.