Saturday, November 03, 2012

Bang - The Baltic Trilogy by Roosh

I've never been to the Baltics.  Really never had a desire to go there, but Roosh did, and like he does he wrote one of his "Bang Guides" about the Baltics.

Now, a couple caveats here about his "Bang Guides."

They are written for men, which means, it is written the way guys talk without female presence - crass, lewd, straight forward and direct.  If you don't like cursing or swearing, or you're insulted about how men really think, then exercise your freedom to choose, don't read the book and instead go turn on Oprah.

However, if you are a guy interested in visiting the Baltics from a male's perspective OR are a female and really want to know how guys think, then this book is for you.

First, Roosh consolidates all three countries (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) into one book, so you needn't buy three.

Second, these are guides. They are brief and they tell you everything you need to know about logistics, housing, culture, pick up girls in those cultures, risks, etc.  There is some repeat information where it's obvious he merely copied and pasted some boiler template text for each of the three countries changing only the data specific to each country, but keep in  mind these countries are reasonably similar and these are guides, so you'd like to see some consistency across his Bang guides.  I personally would have preferred a natural writing keeping consistent with the outline, not a copy paste job, but eh, that's me. 

Third, again, these are guides.  If you're looking for a tome or a novel, these aren't it.  Roosh does however provide some "dirt" on his adventures that are not so much there for "gossip" but to show you how he came about his observations, and fills in the picture more fully than just mere statements of strategy and observation does.  These stories are entertaining and in one instance quite shocking (read the "Scammers" section in Latvia), and of course do have some language that caused me to cringe, but overall makes any guide book better than a mere "go hear because there's pretty buildings."

Fourth, quite a shock to me is that you learn Roosh is actually human...well...we men knew this all along, it would be the ladies that would have a shocker.  If you are disgusted with the Manosphere or think players are all just robots out there to score and have sex, you'll find that, no, they're all human and Roosh is no exception.  Every guy has his darkest hour and is the victim of human emotion.  It is whether they let it impair them for the rest of their lives or move on (it is wickedly funny and sad how he takes a devastating event in his life and uses it to his advantage later, but you'll have to read it if you want to find out).

Fifth, this is a must for women to read.  It may be shocking you'd recommend a book on picking up girls in foreign countries to women, but for any woman who has the spine to read this you will see the real world, unabashed, unfiltered reality of male psychology.  Everything from how he clinically categorizes, analyzes and scores women and their traits numerically, to the deployment of his strategy with absolutely no emotion or care.  You will be revolted, you will be disgusted, you will get angry, but then you will realize this "is how men are" and learn a valuable lesson in dealing with men  (or if it's too much for you, you can always revert back to watching Oprah lie to you about how men should be according to Oprah "really are.")

Sixth, some interesting observations about internationalization, global economics and the influx of western culture into the Baltics.  I'll leave it at that because I merely want to whet your appetite, not give away the whole book.

All in all I'd recommend this book for anybody looking to travel in the Baltics (men or women).  The observations are certainly geared towards the international playboy, but the non-sexual/romantic observations would benefit everybody.   If you're not planning on going there, I'd still recommend it on account the stories are entertaining and skip most of the "boiler plate" stuff about travel.

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