Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I'm Voting for Childless Rich Bachelors

You know those bumperstickers that only naive people who have never seen a budget in their lives put on their minivans and SUV's?

"I'm Voting for Children" or "I'm Voting for Kids?"

Even though the election will be over, I think I'm going to put a "I'm Voting for Childless Rich Bachelors" on one of my crappier cars.  Not to change anybody's mind, but just to irk all the right people.


Rowan said...

Capt, in your personal opinion, what makes a man handsome?

Pulp Herb said...

I see a CafePress store link in your sidebar's future.

Captain Capitalism said...


That's about the weirdest question I ever got asked.

1. I would have no authority in that realm in that I'm a straight guy. It's like when women try to tell me "pregnant is beautiful" and I say, "unless you're a guy or a lesbian, you have no authority telling me what should be attractive in a woman." So in intellectual honesty I can't say.

2. If I had to say I wouldn't be able to point to features, but rather guys I would deem handsome. Clive Owen comes to mind. Young Sean Connery or a Cary Grant. A young Clint Eastwood too.

William Hughes said...

Cap'n, you've irked me already. Don't deface your pos car even further. You can irk far more people more effectively by using recycled electrons and the internet.

Efficiency above all!

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

That's great.

I'll appoint you Minister of Finance.

Anna said...

Ha! Awesome...I would certainly buy that.

Anonymous said...

do people know what a BASTARD is ?