Saturday, November 03, 2012

Manly Men Doing Manly Things

The Private Man shows that the Manosphere really IS for both men and women by helping out a woman.

CLEVELAND — FOR one prominent Cleveland businessman, a lifelong Democrat, the election had come down to a couple of burning questions: Did he dare tell his wife that he was thinking of voting for Mitt Romney? Would she ever forgive him? - C - R - I - P - E - S.  Guarantee you she's cheating on his beta ass.

Free Northerner does some decent analysis of the "cost of sex" but leaves out divorce and children.

Save Capitalism is doing what he does best - saving capitalism.

Troglo has some good news and reconfirmation that Rumpie is the key to success in life.

Now now now, Mr. Forney.  That is a bit harsh.  Tough fatherly love?  Yes.  Truthful?  Yes.  The type of lecturing that would have prevented the poor girl's death if she had the likes of you around for a father?  Yes.  But too harsh and too politically incorrect and besides, it's hurting people's feeeeeelinnnnnngzzzzz.  Report yourself to the de-manification chambers at the local Women's Studies Department.  

Neanderpundit has some basic tips for hurricane survival.

I award them the highly distinguished "Cappy Cap Medal of SAEG (TM)WITH Charty-Goodness Clovers - and I don't even agree with the article, it was just well written and documented.

But that kind of racism and sexism is good racism and sexism.

Help a detective recover from gunshots sustained while arresting a child molester.

Aurini has a new book!  And so far, what I've read from it, it doesn't suck!

Kids heading to Canada to go to college because it's cheaper.

The Last Christian Standing reminds me of the time a girl slapped me for flirting with her in the 10th grade when I rummaged through her purse. 

Boys, your job is to work out just as it is girl's responsibility to look pretty.  Shut up, commit and hit the gym.

With all the chaos and the carnage caused by Sandy, I ask a simple question - what kind of people with what kind of degrees do they need?  Are those sociology majors doing their part to reconstruct the sewer systems?  Are the Chicano- America study majors helping refine and bring fuel into the city.  Are all those hipsters in Brooklyn with their "skinny jeans" plying the skills they learned as a Music Therapy major helping detoxify the water supply?  Good thing we have so many liberal arts majors.  Otherwise, what would we do without them?


Anonymous said...

You simply must do a post on the economic ramifications of this latest report by Roy F. Baumeister:

Feminism is cancerous to industry, the economy and the future of stable scientifically validated.

Carnivore said...

Are all those hipsters in Brooklyn with their "skinny jeans" plying the skills they learned as a Music Therapy major helping detoxify the water supply?

HAHAHA! Captain, you are too much.

Bronan The Barbarian! said...

@anon - There's a great breakdown of the Baumeister paper at the Chateau:

Chris said...

Thanks man... read the baumeister paper and compared it to the Levirate laws this morning.

Anonymous said...

If the manosphere is for both men and women, then are you planning to color your blog pink for a month?

Elusive Wapiti said...

Thanks for the link Cappy

Chris said...

Anonymous coward @0436.

I am man enough to wear a pink shirt. With a grey or navy suit. Generally uncuffed (French cuffs are useful when you are built -- like a gorilla -- with a span greater than your height).

But we turn pink for no pressure group. Not even for boobies, which we likes, precious.