Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thankgiving, Now Go Buy Stuff

There once was a little boy in Minnesota.  He had a dream that instead of going out to all the stores on Thanksgiving night or Black Friday, families would instead gather around the glowing laptop screen and buy all their stuff on Amazon.  The large retailers would post horrible sales figures, the markets would tank, and Fed Chairman Bernanke would issue "QE XVII - the Revenge of the Central Bankers" before Christmas.  The dollar would further plummet assisting the young boy's positions in Norwegian Kroners and commodities, but families across the country would bond better having more quality family time.  The young boy would then take the proceeds from his commissions and buy himself a 3 week vacation in Oklahoma during late May where he could go tornado chasing.

Help make a bachelor-economist's dream come true this Christmas:

Shop on Amazon.


Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving is not an excuse to pig out. It's an excuse to buy cookware. You'd be surprised how much USA made cookware they sell at Wal-Mart.

Anonymous said...

We share the same ambitions. I've always wanted to go tornado chasing.

Chris Ivey

Unknown said...

Happy gobble gobble day, sir. Stay safe and don't let the left wing nanny/welfare state socialist/communist advocate scum rip you off at these stores.

ScottH said...

"...and Fed Chairman Bernanke would issue "QE XVII - the Revenge of the Central Bankers"...

Quickly followed by "QE XVIII - Economic Boogaloo"

Theophilus said...

Do you actually own Norwegian kroner?
And which commodities would you recommend?

Anonymous said...

Cap -

I've seen a small tornado way up close and way too personal. My home suffered $125K of damage and repair costs are still climbing. We lost 28 trees ranging from 6 inch to 40 inches in diameter. We have three more large trees to take out (damaged beyond recovery) and some others that may not survive in the spring.

It sounded like the proverbial freight train, the vacuum inside the house made it difficult to breathe and the house shook and vibrated in a wave sort of motion.

Fortunately, our house was built with brick between the studs in the outside walls - otherwise the house would have collapsed. Studs in the north and west walls were broken and were wavy, not true. Hail peppered the house - looks likes a war zone with bullet holes. Half a dozen windows were broken. A plastic garden shed literally exploded.

Our neighbor's home was totaled, their machine shed, a large barn and half a dozen smaller barns were also severely damaged. They were fortunate to not be at home when it hit.

It was a small F0, maybe an F1. 125 MPH winds, three vortexes confirmed by a witness viewing it from about 10 miles away.

So, before you and anyone else goes tornado chasing, make sure you study them well, go with experienced people and always have an escape route or two.