Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Rubric" "Paradigm" and Other Stupid Words Academians Use


daniel_ream said...

The problem is that words like "rubric" and "paradigm" have very specific meanings and in their specific context there's no other words that suit.

But unless you're sitting in a class on the history of the development of the Catholic liturgies, the word "rubric" is probably just pretentious BS.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that if you were to read "No More Mr. Nice Guy" by Dr. Robert Glover, you would overwhelmingly agree with his thesis, his basic premise, that bizarre ridiculous numbers of Western men are brought up WRONG. He uses the word "paradigm." Frequently.

Dr. Roy F. Baumeister is with Florida State University. I have followed his work for over 15 years. He wrote, in addition to numerous other works, "Is There Anything Good About Men." In his work on Self-Regulation, he talks (writes) about something called "Lapse-activated causal patterns" which are very specific contexts in which zero-tolerance quitting agendas (I will quit cigarettes on December 31, so help me God), and he uses the word "rubric." Frequently.

He is a brilliant man and a gift to modern civilization.


You suck at English. Your language abilities rate alongside monkeys.

Stop trying to make yourself some kind of "SUPER AWESOME ECONOMIC GENIUS" and just admit you get ass-raped whenever you play Scrabble.

Language ain't your thing, babe.

You have lots to teach people, and I respect your politics and your knowledge about economics. Maybe you are no career threat to Max Weber, but you do have a point of view. You are worth listening to. I like your videos and I know you have something of value to share.

Now stop beclowning yourself and learn humility.

You suck with words. You are one of those people who brag about having a vocabulary of 89 words.

You should move to Vermont.

For the love of God, please stop bashing English majors and people who have actually read books without pictures.

Anonymous said...

Oh, one other thing. Because you are such a cigar-smoking tough guy.

Simultaneously. Concomitantly.

Do they mean the same thing? Are they synonymous?

Riddle me that one, Batman!

Anonymous said...

And finally:

Academians is NOT A FUCKING WORD!

"Academician" is what you're looking for, Captain Fucking Snowflake.

If you want to be taken seriously, Step Number One is not coming off like a fucking retard who slept through English class.

Step Number Two is not begging for bitches who passed English to edit your superfluous shit for self-publishing. You Goddamned hypocrite.

Here. Endeth. The. Lesson.

Thomas Smith said...

"Must've gone to a public school" I'd love to hear a frof say that where I can hear him. That or "schools aren't producing the kind of graduatesthey used to".

I could shove that one right up their asses.

Who produces the teachers?
who produces the curriculum?
Who produces the books?
Who designed the schools?
Who said how many students per class?
Who sets requirements for graduation?

You did you motherfuckers. So if students arent making it in your classes it's your fucking fault!

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon Various Times,

Uh, dude, nobody cares about typos or "perfect" english.

Only you and other English majors.

Though, if you want to be serious about it, you can identify yourself, let us know what works you've written and we'll see who gets more sales and is better received.

Oh, and if your response is "more sales isn't a measure of success" it won't be published. This is a real challenge. YOu will put forth your works to the real world to be judged next to my flawed, error-filled, works and we'll see who's the winner.

Up to you.

Anonymous said...



1.A heading on a document.
2.A direction in a liturgical book as to how a church service should be conducted.

Since Dr Baumeister is a psychology professor (see worthless ) I can only assume that his sunday morning sermons are scientific in nature, and he uses the term incorrectly. That is unless he is often refering to the heading of his own writings?



1.A typical example or pattern of something; a model.
2.A worldview underlying the theories and methodology of a particular scientific subject.

And Dr Glovers work is specifically about how men are given POOR models to follow,his work is specifically speaks about how men are short changed in this regard in modern society. Paradigm is also related to PARAGON, you know, peak/best/top which is definately NOT what Dr Glover talks about. Perhaps he uses the word incorrectly, being, also a psychologist (see worthless )

These words have rare use in modern language, as daniel ream stated above, but they are often misused by intellectuals ( see worthless ) to make thier work sound more impressive and dignified than it deserves. They are co-opted often, but that doesnt mean they are appropriately used. And while your next little cute argument will be "english is a living language that changes over time" the truth is that the vast majority of intellectuals will be long within days of thier retirement, and thier contribution to the living language will be thrown in the dustbin along with most of thier theories.

Given how easy it is to pull these definitions straight out of google, I have to wonder, anonymous, just how confident about your future employment options with your english degree (see also worthless

Have a nice day


Oh, and they are synonyms, but not the same. Simultaneous means at the same time, while Concomitantly can be consecutive, so it depends on what time frame you want to describe for which word you would choose. Unfortunately Professors tend to grade on pretentiousness, so Im sure you did well.

Anonymous said...
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Amateur Strategist said...

WOW, that 3x anon poster must be really butt hurt to try to talk down to you three times in a row.

Keep it up, Captain, you're pissing off just the right people and they know it!

anon 3x just got PWNED.

Anonymous said...

"Language ain't your thing, babe."

Did you just seriously use "ain't" in posts dedicated to excoriating someone's English?


"And finally:

Academians is NOT A FUCKING WORD!

"Academician" is what you're looking for, Captain Fucking Snowflake."

Oops. Try again English major?

Anonymous said...

"Oh, one other thing. Because you are such a cigar-smoking tough guy.

Simultaneously. Concomitantly.

Do they mean the same thing? Are they synonymous?"

This is what we call a non sequitur. I'm confused what being a guy, a tough guy, a cigar-smoker, a cigar-smoking guy, or a cigar-smoking tough guy has to do with how synonyms work. Perhaps the English major should pay more attention to logic when doing rhetoric.

"Stop trying to make yourself some kind of "SUPER AWESOME ECONOMIC GENIUS" and just admit you get ass-raped whenever you play Scrabble."

Another one. What does being an economist have to do with playing Scrabble or word choice? Could I not, in fact, get raped at Scrabble and still be good at economics?

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Add 'explicate' to your list, Cap.

Captain Capitalism said...

WHy do you think I put his comments up there. He did himself in.

heresolong said...

Hey Anonymous (or one of your brothers as there seem to be a lot of them posting here). When you post a definition from Google, you may wish to dig a little deeper. Google only gives you the first couple lines. The actual definition of rubric is:

Definition of RUBRIC
a : an authoritative rule; especially : a rule for conduct of a liturgical service
b (1) : name, title; specifically : the title of a statute (2) : something under which a thing is classed : category
c : an explanatory or introductory commentary : gloss; specifically : an editorial interpolation
: a heading of a part of a book or manuscript done or underlined in a color (as red) different from the rest
: an established rule, tradition, or custom
: a guide listing specific criteria for grading or scoring academic papers, projects, or tests

It is the last that we generally use in academia as it provides a guideline for our students so that they know what the expectations are for the assignment.

Anonymous said...

My favorite things to hate are people who use foreign words when a perfectly acceptable English word is available. You can tell that an English word is available and they know it when you ask them to translate, and they do. See? that wasn't so hard. There are very few words that absolutely must use the foreign word to convey the proper meaning. Like Fahrvergnugen.

Especially Latin. NO ONE USES THAT.

Amateur Strategist said...

NewRebellion, are you saying you can't stand the "Je ne sais quoi" which makes the popoli feel like an ubermensch (pretend there's two dots over that u)?


(I'm just kidding with you, NewRebel, I'm a big fan of your rants)

Jose said...

You're being unfair. It's 99% of academics that give the rest of us a bad reputation.

Speaking of academics, here's a nice "what did they expect?" heartwarming story:


Bowers said...

Hey moron English lecturer: I'll tell you why 'correct' language is a load of crap & normal people see right through it, just as the Captain said:

Language is constructed based on common agreement or by someone deemed an authority telling us something is right & not based on logic that can be constructed from scratch & proved correct like maths - hence all the rules which can be broken, it's a dictatorship & as long as you get your message across who gives a shit? I tell you who - ponces who depend on it for a living!

Chemist said...

Rubric. Heard it too many times. Never bothered to look it up. Mostly because the people using it were jibberjabbering about crap that wasn't worth understanding anyhow.

I actually am a professor. Loved the video. Laughed out loud.

As for an 89 word vocabulary, if an idea can be adequately expressed using only 89 different words, I find it best to do so. More people understand what you mean, and isn't that the whole point of speaking/writing?

Ecclesiastes said...

If paradigm goes then I'm sure we can do without inference.

Seriously, what kind of pointy headed double speak is "market-inference pricing"?

Oh yeah. we're going to pull a number out of our ass for a price but we'll need to make up a fictional market to explain it all away. If we use a French sounding word, our BS will fly farther.

Aaron, when I'm comparing the rational processes of Western civilizations verses Islam or even business law verses Marriage 2.0, I use the word paradigm.

I use it because "worldview" doesn't include self-description.

Just because you feel like 50 cents when someone uses a $2 word doesn't make the word disposable.

This might help:

Captain Capitalism said...

unlike "rubric" there is no other commonly available and used words to describe the valuation technique.

You take the P/E from the market and you infer a price for it.

It's the most succinct term I could come up with.

Also, I don't use it unless talking about finance and economics. I don't try to jam it into my everyday vocabulary in an attempt to impress people.

Ecclesiastes said...


And if the P/E is, oh say, 27 you just go with it?

I suppose any market takes a little time to return to rational, giving the collateral holder a window to unload it, or demand more security.

You do this with publicly traded equities? Jay-sus. Steel cojones.

Or loan shark interest rates ...

The more I think about this the less I like where it's taking me.
I've seen this kind of thing done with commodity inventories, and there even a vigilant loan officer who isn't an expert is an easily exploitable weakness.

Sorry. That should have been "he was an easily exploited weakness."

Of course, I just do business, and I don't know much about high finance.


Debentures - French for "Hey little girl, want some candy?"

Captain Capitalism said...

Was the arugment about semantics and nomenclature or was it about the merits of different valuation techniques?

I personally don't take the current P/E ratio, I apply a historical average.

But now we're diverging from the original intent of this debate.

Ecclesiastes said...

I'm enjoying the lesson.

I'm not going to dispute your judgment on the appropriate methods of valuation. I'm trying to understand their implications, putting them in situations I'm familiar with.

I'm revealing my ignorance ... on purpose, perhaps to be corrected, if I'm lucky and you're generous.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! I'm a 49 year old guy, and the word "rubric" has been around for awhile. Now that I'm becoming a teacher, I'm hearing that word SO much. So I Googled "Why do I hate the word rubric?" and found this! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your funny video!!! I hate the word rubric too and am so sick of seeing it! I googled "I hate the word rubric" and found your video and got a good laugh. Keep up the good work and don't listen to idiot commenters trying to put you down.