Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Boo Freaking Hoo

Oh the irony. Forget the movies, I'm just pulling out my lawn chair and watching this train wreck in slo-mo.

Remember, June Cleaver is the enemy.


Borepatch said...

No offense, Captain, but there's nary a June Cleaver in that sad lot.

Jim said...

This comment stands out and is true on so many levels. Men do resent women. I can honestly say I do as well. I lived through the nightmare of women's bullshit list and expectations of the 90's and 00's we all know what it was and that's a lie. These days I have no use for women. I avoid them as much as possible. That includes not spending money at their businesses and not contributing to their causes.

There's a book titled "No More Mister Nice Guy", and it addresses the exact kind of attitude that you read in these comments.

I hate to say it, but it really is true that the internet just reveals what many people already felt underneath the surface. Not everyone, but many. The things you mention about the role of their own mothers, media figures, dating expectations, and so on and so fourth have created a very large number of men who feel this secret resentment, and this has been noticed by counseling experts. If you put yourself in their position, much of what you hear really does sting, and they don't have a platform that empowers them to talk about this like feminism has done for women. One conflicting expectation, for instance, is that women don't initiate romantic exchanges with them and they feel that society tells them they can't express their own attraction to women without being creepy. Things such as this result in an overwhelming feeling of rejection and uselessness. Their own gender turns their back on them, because the game is that men brag about how much game they have. That's just how it works supposedly.

Ecclesiastes said...

Depends on what they mean by "marriageable", eh?

As a matter of fact, there are fewer and fewer hapless idiots with high paying careers willing to pay for raising other men's children.

Anonymous said...

Love it, years of Feminisism and "powerful & successful"(tm) still somehow have to "marry up", which given that they:

A. Supplanted a goodly number of men on the way up (not always because of sheer competence)
B. their is a limited pool of (higher than her, status) men ( a goodly number number of whom are in fact, players)

I understand that CHINA of all places has this "problem" even more than we do.

Ladies, the solution is obvious: marry a decent, intelligent, good looking guy who may not quite be a billionaire, heck he may be a successful plumber. You might be surprised to learn that they can make decent husbands and lovers...and don't run off with someone 1/2 your age when you turn 40 or 50.

Feh. On the other hand if women are too lacking in judgement to realize this on their own, maybe childlessness is a good thing.

To Women, My Name is Nemo said...

Women not only refuse to understand the Law of 'Cause and Effect' (e.g., "Before man-hating feminism, the majority of women had little trouble dating, finding husbands, or bearing healthy children; now they do, big time"), but also 'Action and Reaction' (commonly expressed on the manosphere as "Hate Bounces").

'Darwin in action'...what else can you say?

Mrs. N said...

Isn't it completely rational to strive for a high paying job if you are a woman who knows she will not be able to (or doesn't want to) attract a mate?

The article mentions that some woman prioritize work and material things when they perceive they will not be able to find a mate. I can infer that if they are unable to marry, it is unlikely that they will ever be stay home mothers. So it only makes sense for them to want high paying jobs since they will be the breadwinners. I'm not saying I agree with it.

I met my future husband while I was just starting college so the decisions I made regarding where to work during and after college were influenced by my boyfriend (now husband). For example, in college I worked for a large hotel chain and was offered a summer job for more money with a transfer to a property Hawaii. I chose to not take the offer since I would have been moved away from my then boyfriend for months. If I didn't have a boyfriend that I loved why would I have had any reason not to reach for the brass ring?

I also eventually changed jobs based on my boyfriends schedule. I stopped working in hotels (strange schedules, long hours, always working holidays) and went to work for a residential management company (stable part time work, always the same schedule, less money). This was so I would have enough time to spend with my future husband (he had already graduated and worked full time). If I had no boyfriend to want to spend time with, why wouldn't I have kept working more hours for more money?

If I had not met my future husband, and I if I saw my prospects of finding a husband were limited (or non existent) I would have obviously made different work choices.

These women didn't want to be June Cleaver - they wanted to be Mary Richards. Suits me fine since I wanted to marry Ward.

If I remember correctly, Mary Richards was engaged to "Bill" and only pursued a career in the big city after "Bill" broke off their engagement. Woman who are not marriageable/can't find husbands will put the energy that would have gone into a family into work.