Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Worst Economy in 50 Years!"

Remember in 2002 when the media and John Kerry were all over GW for the economy being the "worst in 50 years?"

I learned to let such lies go on account these socialist politicians know they're lying, they're just trying to convince the lemmings otherwise. Unfortunatley I think BBB is still giving hyphernated named people credit for having intellectual honesty which might explain the increase in blood pressure.

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Tam said...

Blood pressure up? No, I just find it droll the way campaigning on the economy by the party out of power is seen as a despicable new tactic every. single. election cycle.

The earliest presidential election I can remember with anything like clarity was '80 and, like clockwork, every four years since then the challengers have accused the incumbents of putting America on the breadline, and the incumbents have clutched their pearls in mock outrage and accused the challengers of cheering for misery and putting partisanship ahead of patriotism...

The fact that any of this plays in Peoria speaks reams about the low expectations ad men and marketers have of the American intellect and the lengths Americans will go to live down to them.