Thursday, April 05, 2012

Once There Was a Very Hot Economist...

who predicted things would get very bad.

Everybody mocked him, and some gray haired fools filed complaints with the HR department about him not being a team player.

But, in the end, things went to pot, and the Very Hot Economist (who was quite charming too by the way and sought after by many chicks) got to mock and ridicule the idiots who now had to live in the bed they made.

The Very Hot Economist (who was also quite the accomplished ballroom dancer) went on his merry way, working the minimal amount of work to support his hobbies. He saved nothing, fully banking on a crash of the US economic system, for which he was equally ridiculed and laughed at until it finally happened and his investments in silver, bullets, guns and Rumpie proved the Great Warren Buffett wrong as hordes of starving self-entitled youth ransacked his humble abode in Omaha.

The End


Rumbear said...

Ooohhhhhh a mystery, of sorts! Who? Tell us who? ;-)

Andrew Summitt said...

I quoted you in a reddit comment. If you disapprove feel free to yell at me with your economic genius.

Captain Capitalism said...


He is forever to be unknown!


Sure, quote away. I only copyright my books.