Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ladies Night at Cappy's Club

Just so you know, we don't let no average ladies in at the Cappy Cap Club.  We let only the most beeeyooteeeful, INTELLIGENT ladies in.  Our standards are very high.  So boys, you damn well BETTER click on EVERY SINGLE LINK!  Because every one of these ladies deserves your undivided attention!  Beside, lord knows you might learn a thing or two. 

Sometimes I worry that if the Manosphere does its job too well, then we will get men and women to be true to themselves, admit and CELEBRATE (read - hot greasy monkey sex) our differences, and then, sadly, like the veterans of WWII we leave Europe, happy to go home, but kind of sad to lose the comradery.  But then again, it looks like this war is going to last at LEAST another generation.  Lock and load boys.

ADHD, ADD, DHADHDD, Adult DHDD, Autism, OR, is it just "I'm a crappy parent and blame my child's behavior on whatever fad disease the public schools concoct this week."  In my day we had a remedy for that.  It was my father's boot and it was a hell of a lot cheaper than a government social worker paid $250,000/yr and a pension that would make a UAW

Even the black community I think would agree with this one.

"I am pro-Boobies, and have been pro-boobies during my entire political career, senator.  I will CONTINUE to be pro-boobies, and will continue to vote pro-boobies, not because it is a political move, but because I am an honest man, a real man, and a statesman.  Let it be clear I shall not waiver from this platform."

Kids, listen to me.  There is a SCAM for your precious little tuition dollars.  They don't care about you, they care about your money.  Listen up, wise up, and make sure these "elders" that are supposed to be caring for you don't screw you over instead.

Your kindness, support and love does NOT go unnoticed.  All we men ask is you wonderful women that choose to SUPPORT us instead of NAG/BERATE/LECTURE/....oh hell.... I would come up with a million other adjectives, just keep doing it.  You'll be the ones we protect when the sh$t hits the fan.  Not Mzzzz. Hyphen-Ated Named chicky babe with a Masters in Liberalartscrapthatwillgetusnowherewithoutagovernmentsubsidytogiveusmakeworkjobswhilstwelorditoverotherpeopleandclaimwe'reindependentwhenwe'rereallynotandjustrelyingonthetaxpayertopayforourmakeworkjob.

Is there anything hotter than a motorcycle riding, champion dog showing, conservative gun owning babe, that knows her bond ratings?  I think not.

A billion people sent this to me.  She will get credit for it, because she is beeeyoootiful.

IMPORTANT- These are the ladies that were forefront in my mind.  If I excluded you, it was NOT on purpose.  I also DEMAND you e-mail me and let me know if you were left out of the club.  The Captain refuses no pretty ladies of the conservative, libertarian or Manosphere stripe.


Jim said...

Women might value careers over anything else but the jobs are increasingly dwindling. Thing about Walsh (and I'll even go so far as to say many men in the manosphere) is she lives in a vacuum. Many college educated women will not be top earners merely because many of those jobs are dependent on the government. The 60/40 ratio is actually a joke and when you think about it, is not indicative of any bright future for women. I know several young college enrolled women who serve me my coffee and *think* they are smart. Ego and all. Problem is most are in debt up to their eyeballs and not taking anything of value that will pay off.

The biggest mistake people make is thinking college makes them smart. When one woman I know graduates in psychology and is in debt for 50K, she isn't smart. Or the idiot studying to be a Spanish teacher who won't give me the exact figure on her student debt, but says it's a lot. And that applies to many of Walsh's followers.

And as far as these college educated dolts in the manosphere who also go around thinking their shit don't stink I got news for you. I know more blue collar self made millionaires than I do white collar. And those that are white collar made their money not in their profession but through investments. Same as the blue collar guys.

Susan Walsh said...

I'm honored to have been granted admission to Cappy's Club. It was also fun hunting for my own link :) Thank you.

Sounds like Jim has read Worthless. Though I agree that many females are graduating with useless degrees, we should be alarmed that 40% of the primary breadwinners in this country are female, and that number is climbing.

Captain Capitalism said...

Don't worry Susan, once the Chinese stop lending us money, all those government make-work jobs in health and human services, child protection, education, etc., etc., will go away.

A Happy Bicycle said...

Things will become very grim when the Chinese will no longer support our government's spending habit -- to start with, by refusing to buy our government bonds, and instead start demanding payment for the bonds that they already have.

We'll start to find out how "strong and independent" modern women REALLY are when there is no more money left for Big Daddy/Big Bully Government to prop them up anymore!