Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Council of "Mancea"

The Council of Nicea, if you were paying attention in Sunday school, was essentially a convention for all the different Christian religious leaders long ago to consolidate and agree upon the basic tenets and principles of Christianity. At the time there were many strains and variants of Christianity and because they didn't have the internet then, there was no way to easily standardize or crystalize the precise definition of the Christian religion. At the Council of Nicea the various religious leaders, among other things, determined what books were to be included in the bible and is why you recite the "Nicene Creed" (mindlessly of course, not knowing why you're reciting it every time you go to church as did I).

However, I've been kicking around an idea about the "manosphere" and after conversing with a fellow manosphere member, I decided it was high time to put it into action.

Gentlemen of the Manosphere, it is time for "The Council of Mancea."

Understand this is NOT going to be an actual council where self-proclaimed "leaders" of the manosphere congregate and lay down the law to others in a dictatorial way. I don't believe in that, plus the manosphere (or any internet "sphere") is largely open-source and should never have any rules placed upon it by arbitrarily decided "leaders."

But, what it IS going to be (or I hope it will be) is what I and many others believe to be the single largest benefit the Manosphere has brought to society and that is wisdom for boys and young men (and consequently girls and young women too).

However, as it stands right now, the Manosphere, much like Christianity is fracture, scattered and not consolidated. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but for a young man or young boy about to be fed to the meat grinder of courtship, dating, marriage and divorce, there is no single, initial place for him to go and start his education and preparation. Yes he can internet search and come up with thousands of articles across scores of blogs, but it would take a while for him to get the basic principles and tenets of being a man down, not to mention understand the jargon and context by which much of this advice is given.

The final product I've come up with is much like that of The Patron Saint of Grerp, except for boys:

A single web site for young men and boys that provides the wisdom and guidance to avoid the brainwashing and mistakes of previous generations so that they may not only navigate the brutal waters of courtship, dating and marriage, but have better lives than we did.

I originally wanted to call it "The Council of Mancea," but frankly, since our target is young boys, most of them I doubt would get the pun. To make it more marketable, not to mention more accurate, I created a blog:


Nothing is there yet, but I hope it will become a depot or "library" that houses the basic lessons, rules, instructions and wisdom for young boys to access and use because they either have no father or they have a father that is not a real man.

The blog should be pretty static (an idea U of Man I must credit) in that it should be much like the bible or any other religious document - not open to constant change and edit. It should also be pretty simple in that I envision its primary readers to be 13-18 year old boys (the age at which I recall LOATHING reading and much preferring video games). But it also must be succinct and precise, delivering the core tenets and cumulative wisdom of the Manosphere in an efficient manner.

Naturally some sort of Council of Mancea must convene to figure out what to put in Internetdad. And so I ask you, members of the Manosphere, male and female, to make any suggestions and volunteer if you have an interest. I shall come up with another post outlining what I generally think should be put in there, but again, I am just one man with one mind and one perspective.

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Aurini said...

What about a wiki? Something like this: http://wiki.lesswrong.com/wiki/LessWrong_Wiki

Not open to the public for moderation, but nonetheless a number of primary topics with different 'Sequences' - for instance, a piece on game linking to roissy et al (I like alpha persona's elaboration on sigmas and deltas), a piece on marriage, finances, so forth? Rather than containing information in and of itself, it could link to the best sources on any one topic.

Best of luck with this, I appreciate your time invested.

eljay said...

I think you meant to create wikiman.

Anonymous said...

This post basically sums up most of the key building blocks of the manosphere. Since it is so very long, I like the idea of breaking it up into parts and making it into a wiki. Of course, you would need the guy's permission to do this.

Just a thought.

Captain Capitalism said...

Right, the Misandry Bubble would be a great place to start (and would certainly be referenced), but what 15 year old kid is going to digest that in a sitting, let alone have the vocabulary to make heads and tails of it? It's written for 30 year old + people who have the perspective and vocabularly and patience to understand/read it all.

LS said...

The Art of Manliness website has a lot of good stuff.
Reading it, one senses a whiff of nostalgia, but shouldn't -- it should be timeless.

See also "1001 rules for my unborn son".

grerp said...

Wow, sainted by the Captain. I am blushing. :)

I do think boys benefit from straight talk, just as girls do. It's such a shame that there's so little of it. If you write it, I'll send Max to read it in a few years.