Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"You'll Die ALL ALONE!"

Oh, you'll die alone alright. Divorce and "finding yourself" will make sure of that.

Oh, and those kids you had but brought up in day care, presumably because you wanted kids but didn't want to be bothered by raising them.

Yeah, they're not going to visit you in the nursing home.

Hey, you crazy kids enjoy that decline!

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Anonymous said...

If I understand the lede of that article, if you want a secure retirement, it's better to never marry because then you'll plan and save for retirement. Whereas if you're married and one of the spouses dies suddenly, it can cause a financial shock.

But then if you read 20 paragraphs in (which few regular Today show viewers do) you find out that facts - a male invention, because they often work against women's aims - show that women who divorce pre-retirement are way more likely to face impoverishment than married women who find themselves widowed.

To make the leap between the specious assertion in the lead and the grim facts toward the end, the author uses the case of a woman married to a successful surgeon with 5 offices, who didn't know where all the money was when he suddenly died.

Yeah, it sounds like her ass was really in a crack, what with assets totally only 5 medical practices, and likely a hefty insurance policy. Poor little thing... she definitely should have divorced the guy 20 years earlier, to avoid this sort of impoverishment.

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