Monday, April 23, 2012

I Am The Peter Schiff for Gen Y?

I am also 33 years old.  Damn, I am WAAAY better than I thought I was:
I too also feel shame for not speaking latin. Watch the whole thing, some freaking hilarious commentary


Anonymous said...

Great video.

Question Captain: Are you going to post or write about how to repair the damage for those who picked the wrong major and it's too late to go back? Getting an Engineering degree while working full time is not realistic. Even taking math classes part time is next to impossible. I'm hoping this will change, but with cheap home broadband now over a decade old I'm not hopeful about online education.
The attacks on the few legitimate providers is relentless.

Full Disclosure: I'm a BA Applied Econ(as in lots of math and CS)/MS Finance. Not the worth combo, but not the best. I've found that studying for IT and Industry Certifications has helped a lot.

Gatmando said...

Just wanted you to know that I just oredered your book on Amazon = clicked thru from your site too :)

Its going straight to my 16 year old who will be graduating high school in 2014 so the timing of this book couldn't be better for us!

Captain Capitalism said...

Thanks Gatmando. Have your kid bring it to school to show/tell all of his friends. OR write a book report on it. I'm waiting for the day it gets banned in schools.

Captain Capitalism said...

Hi Anon,

Eh, not really, wasn't kicking it around much. BUt I think I can film something real quick and throw it up there.

Despotic Majesty said...

Captain, what do you think of the field of probation? Such as becoming a probation officer?

Anonymous said...

Keynesian nonsense? It's what created the base for the decades-long greatest economic boom in world economic history. The fact that western governments foolishly ran massive deficits during times of prosperity (not depression) had nothing to do with Keynes, he would have deplored it. The reason Keynesian solutions are not working now is that the debt problem is far too far gone. Under Keynesianism, you save during the boom times so as to spend your way out of trouble during the down. But only a worldwide debt collapse can reset the system now.