Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Obama Is Doing This On Purpose

I learned about 3 years ago that arguing with people who are ignorant or misinformed is pointless, especially if they have a zealot like faith in their ideology. You're not going to get through to them because their belief comes FIRST, reality, fact and truth comes second, if not are to be ignored altogether.

So it's instances like this where I ask the left,

"Do you REALLY believe this is going to work better than allowing the Keystone Pipeline through?"

It forces them to take an untenable position to further defend their leader and their ideology to the point they look like complete idiots.

I now await the left's rationale/excuse/reasoning that is going to be nowhere near Realityville.

No, seriously, I am. I'm breaking out my lawn chair, going to get some popcorn and will be entertained to see how you socialist zealots lie-to-yourselves out of this one. Please, go ahead, I await your nonsensical drivel.


dienw said...

Couple your article with this: "Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller called him the president he waited for all his life. At the time, the price of natural gas topped $11 per million Btu. Thanks to fracking in Appalachia, the supply of natural gas is enormous and enough to drop that price to less than $2. Drill, baby, drill worked.

Well, Barack Obama will just see about that!

The president Jay Rockefeller waited all his life for assumed command of the fracking oil fields of western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio and northern West Virginia on Friday. The president has no authority from Congress or the Constitution to do so, but by golly he is taking over fracking.

We’ll see if Democratic Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, Democratic state Attorney General Darrell McGraw or Democratic Senator Joe Manchin will take any action against this unconstitutional attack on West Virginia."

The executive order follows the above.

dienw said...

Obama created the crisis by restricting oil drilling; now he blames a basic market mechanism for the high prices and imposes control on the market: oil prices will now skyrocket as the market money removes itself from the American market; and Obama will have another "reason" to garner more control.

James Wolfe said...

So not allowing us to drill our own oil or pump it in from our Canadian neighbors and instead buying it from countries that hate us and are on the verge of war or pure anarchy is not the cause of high gas prices, but people who have to buy oil in an unstable market who are trying to lock down a price, considering the risk they may never receive a drop of the oil they purchased, they are the cause of this? Hell yes he's doing this on purpose, either that or he's a complete moron.

Unknown said...

Comrades! Together we shall root out the kulaks, wreckers, saboteurs, spies and hoarders who are the last of the bourgeoisie standing between us and our glorious socialist future.