Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Graffiti, Men Going Galt and More!

On this episode of Cappy Cap Linkage!

Hipsters plagiarizing graffiti.

In addition to guns, bullets, and a crate of Rumpleminze (not to be drunken, drank? whatever the correct verb is), I also purchased about $500 in stamps. Looks like it's not a bad idea.

Help Dr. Helen come up with ways men have "gone Galt." Off hand I think of motorcycles, vasectomies, never marrying, outsourcing to foreign women, hanging out with friends, drinking, playing X-Box, watching sports, working less, minimalizing their expenses, minimalizing their assets, and just becoming players with no intention to commit.

You know how I like to go fossil hunting. You also know my dad was a pastor. Funny how he never talks to me about my fossil collection, where they came from and why I find inordinate amounts of ammonites (sea creatures from long ago) in high elevations. So large and so many that they couldn't have all grown in 40 days and 40 nights. Still, I wonder why we never talk about fossils.

We don't need no stiiiiiinking fathers!

A lengthy, thorough and thoughtful post on infidelity in the church. Thankfully that's not a problem because Jesus will forgive you, and btw, turn the other cheek. Joking aside, a serious post. I just have to get my PK jabs in there.

I just called it "changing the topic," but leftists do it when they're about to lose the argument.


Rumbear said...

"Off hand I think of..." You realize that you qualify as a Secret Service agent, right?

Captain Capitalism said...

Heh, no, didn't realize that. Was shot down by the CIA and NSA back in college.

Though I did get to do body guard duty for one of the royal Saudi princes! Would never take a bullet for that f&cker.

Anonymous said...

I really don't want to get into a creation/evolution young/old Earth debate. But...if you're going to make an argument against the flood or against a young Earth, yours is not the argument to make.

Sea creature fossils could have been deposited at those high elevation locations in a 40 day global flood. Inundation alone would have brought most of the organisms there and also resulted in their death and burial. But more importantly, you cannot assume those locations were at their modern day elevations. Creationists who believe in the flood generally presume the opposite, that at the beginning of the flood the mountain ranges we see today did not exist, but were formed either violently during the flood or through normal processes after.