Friday, April 13, 2012

How Gen Y is Completely, Hopelessly and Totally Screwed Part 1


Anonymous said...

You are sexy as fuck. Imma watch the video as soon as my laptop charges.

pops3284 said...

Great start man I await part 2.

Carnivore said...

Man, this is excellent. Part 2 is here:

Please post the rest. Liked the one question at the end along with your answer. I bang my head against the wall when talking with the younger (20's - 30's) guys at work. It's DIVIDENDS, and they think I'm nuts.

Captain Capitalism said...

Hi All,

Takes a bit to cut them up into uploadedable pieces and THEN actually upload them.

part 2 is up, I'll make the official post here in a bit. The remaining parts will be posted as I get to them.

And yes, yes I am that sexy.

Compulsive Liar said...

Far out Captain you've got a sexy voice. Camera guy/tripod should have given you more screen time!

Captain Capitalism said...

I'll never understand that sexy voice thing. Though you are a compulsive liar, so maybe I don't have that great of a voice.