Sunday, April 08, 2012

Waste Your Weekend

With Cappy Cap Linkage!

Video games or girls. A thoughtful analysis of a man's ROI.

Another PERFECT example of why capitalism will always be the best economic system. Of course socialists will complain this will put millions of sushi chefs out of business, ignoring the fact it will make sushi infinitely cheaper, thereby increasing standards of living of all people.

You mean Solyndra DIDN'T lower the unemployment rate?

The Most "Bad Ass" religions. I know if I would have enjoyed Sunday school a lot more if religion was more like this. hat tip

You can hire these fine upstanding graduates from Yale University (I think that's where Clarissa teachers). On related notes, Clarissa (who should be ignored because she only grew up under Soviet Russia) hits a triple and a in the park home run.

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Unknown said...

I could sure make good use of the phrase, "I'm a fucking apathetic dumbass and I didn't feel like looking it up."

I think I'll steal it.