Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Women Still Like Men

despite the best efforts of feminism.

The question is whether women will wake up and realize that feminism took away the best thing that could ever happen to them, and yes, ladies, that would be a good man.

Of course, I'm sure government checks, cats, day care and a MA in "Public Administration" were worth the trade.


Anonymous said...

Hey now I actually do have a MA in public admin. I'm a dude though.

I like your site although you do have to admit that experience with jobs isn't nearly as valued as it was in the past. Degrees do matter. No business is going to logically teach someone a skill that has a value to another (outside of government compliance and areas like cooking and cutting hair).

I'm not saying higher education automatically means employment but it is the easiest to confirm. When I call up employers they don't say jack shit about employees these days so how do I know they aren't lying to me? In addition even if they were what value is another companies metrics when they aren't the same as mine. The odd part is when I introduce a battery test and someone shits themselves thinking as if experience should be taken as blind faith.

I think you might like to promote a bit of Tom Leykis and the MGTOW stuff. I personally have read MGTOW and some PUA stuff on and off for a number of years now. Getting laid isn't exactly that hard for me but for the most part women bore the shit out of me.

A way to look at it is this (excuse this if you have already written this - I just found your blog today). To put it bluntly men do things, women generally don't. You can find men doing anything.Men love sports..from baseball to basketball to icehockey to even squash and cricket. We will be wherever there is technology just look at the E3 and CES going back decades. We love finance go to any finance district in any country on the planet. Sporting in hunting, fishing and wild game. League games like bowling and pool you can easily find men.

Women...do...scrapbooking? knitting? Of course they'll be some reading but how hard is that as a skill? Watching tv ? Yeah there's womens sports but the audience is small..very small...like the size of a hamfest in the midwest small.

Meanwhile the sad part about women is that when the whole equality thing went into place is that the traditional female work was largely replaced with machines. You don't need an icebox just get a fridge, you don't need to drag water just get plumbing..electricity, heat, microwaves. Women did much of the household labor but most of it is gone now. Who seriously can say that cooking is hard? As you said in the blog is that men don't need women..we don't. If we need women we'd call them back the day after..heck the week after.

Jim said...

But the woman who commented the most said nothing important. The same old tired rehashed BS of men have responsibility to change in order to attract and women have the entitlement. Hence why it's going down the shitter.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, MA's in Public Admin are a meal ticket better than an engineering degree.

At least until all the government go broke and we lay off bureaucrats - hahahahahhahah.

OK. I'm feeling better.

Bill Powell said...

Thank you kindly Captain for the linkage. That post got a lot peoples panties in a bunch.

Captain Capitalism said...

No problem, just meant you wrote the truth.

Take The Red Pill said...

"Women Still Like Men"?

Really? They keep it hidden well enough.

At least until they reach their thirties.

But that doesn't change the fact that you still can't trust them.

They have to repeal VAWA, no-fault divorce, and biased 'rape' and 'harassment' laws, for a start. Then we'll talk.

Until then, all it is, is just 'same old song, different jukebox'.