Sunday, April 15, 2012

Reason #4,297 Not to Date a Feminist

Holy mercy. Look at the female-centric view of dating on this one. Forget rape, but look at how deluded and psychotic she is about how you (meaning, men) should consider her feelings about when you go in for an unwelcomed first kiss at the end of the date.

I can see a nervous Poindexter getting the gall to go in for that first kiss, only to get a lecture about how uncomfortable that made the little princess. Reminds me how I got yelled at after I took a girl to see "The Great Raid" because she was a pacifist and I should have known that!



tweell said...

Ookay. I'm just going to stop at #1. Insulting doesn't even begin to cover it. I'll just treat all women as thieves and child molesters, seeing that women with the opportunity do these things more than men do. Pot, meet kettle.

Retrenched said...

So basically, going for the kiss when she doesn't want it makes you an attempted rapist, but not going for the kiss when she does want it makes you a "nice guy" and a loser.

So no matter what men do they are always in the wrong, unless they are able to read a woman's mind and do exactly what she wants them to do at that particular time.

Or you can just avoid gender feminists, I guess...

Anonymous said...

The feminists have me convinced.

Women are too fragile to be allowed out in the world alone without a male relative to protect them.

The only real way to address these issues is to treat women as the children they are and adopt the Saudi social restrictions on them.

That way they can be kept safe from the need to say, 'no' to a kiss instead of submitting to rape.

Anonymous said...

I think alot of feminists are really trying to get other women to think exactly they way they do-- it's all about getting women on the same radical page.Their writing is directed more to other women than to men.
When I was a teenager in high school,some girls were uncomfortable with the first kiss it,but they didn't fall apart.They handled it with aplomb,as I did.
Radical women know fully well that the average woman can handle a first kiss- even if she is uncomfortable -- and not think she is being raped. I never met a woman that crazy.
The lesbians are trying to turn as many women away from men as possible.I saw that in college(early 90's).The pressure the radical women put on normal women was very intense.The average female student was even more overwhelmed by the radical women than the male students even.
Don't let the writings of radical feminists turn you away from women(they would love it if you do).Take every woman you meet individually and see how it goes.If you see signs of radicalism-- just walk away.Most women I know are real tired of the radicals also. Salvatore

kakola said...

Whenever I was faced with the "I don't kiss on the first date" line of bs, I always responded with "OK, so what exactly, and I mean exactly, can I expect from you on date Number 10?"

It seldom improved the situation much, but it sure cleared the air.

Anonymous said...

As far as pacifists go, I make a point of showing people the photograph in my office of Gen. Lauris Norstad, for whom my father worked at SHAPE 1957-1961 - well, Gen. Norstand was SACEUR and my father was a Col. in the RCAF; but did work directly for him on one matter, and hence the signed and inscribed photo.

If I suspect that the person is a real pacifist I explain that Norstad was the person who did much of the detailed planning for the Hiroshima raid.

I must be the only Canadian academic who proudly shows a picture of a 4-star USAF general on his office wall!!

heresolong said...

Great. So as if I wasn't nervous enough on that first date, now I have to spend the evening worrying about the fact that I am apparently a potential rapist.

P Ray said...

You have a smartphone for a reason.
It can locate you via GPS, hold images and sound too.
Use it to its full potential, and follow the "False Rape Society" / "Community of the Wrongfully Accused" guidelines.
Make it tough for women to accuse you, and there is a good chance of a sizeable payout too.
The false accusations will stop when a financial penalty is imposed on the person making it (I have never heard of a man making a false rape accusation against a woman, I wonder why)

Anonymous said...

The radical femis present an interesting challenge. Part of the reason they are ascendant is a lot of men aren't up to the challenge of putting them in their place. I don't mean barefoot, pregnant and underpaid for doing the same work, but reminding them that they are women. The utter blindness of the feminists to the real repression of women in much of the non-western world (and in the third world colonies located in the western world) bespeaks of an admiration for men who take on a strong role; I can see no other psychological reason for their utter blindness to it. Yes, there are some feminists who are evil or sick and can't be turned around - just like there are plenty of defectives of other stripes. There are many more, however, who would respond well to a strong guy.

I haven't had to deal with this particular problem in my marriage b/c I wound up marrying a fairly conservative women (who is also strong and a PITA in her own way, but not a feminist) but I dated a good number of arch left wing little hotties, who were drawn to a strong and smart (then) military guy who didn't give a fuck what they thought about the use of gender as a normative theory in legal interpretation and who openly gave them crap about their veganism or working for the local Green Party. "If you ate some of my steak, it'd be really tasty, and you'd make me hot knowing I'm corrupting you." That kind of stuff. It works surprisingly well.

You can convert a lot of them if you want. It's probably not worth the effort, but if you see a woman with a lot of potential (i.e. not a complete head case, smart and a hot piece of ass), then it may be worth it. Be strong, be yourself, and be on the lookout for what the PUA/Game guys call Shit Tests and deal with them appropriately - don't play. Be ueber alpha with her basically and you'll do fine. And try to ignore the whiny bitch dudes that hang out with feminists, kissing ass and flaunting their observance of feminist pieties, these man-girls will only irritate the piss out of you if you pay them any atention.

S.Lynn said...

Man, I miss the late 70's, early 80's when you could hit on a man, take him home, use him up and tell him to hit the road before having to make him breakfast without him claiming rape.