Monday, April 09, 2012

Medallion Man Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing, unlike say Swing or Ballroom has not yet degraded to the desperate levels of singles-meet-ups or where they're invaded by middle-aged Christians singles groups. However, one of the few and minor complaints I have of the scene is the overkill on fashion my Latin brothers deem necessary to wear to "puff out their chest" or "show their feathers" sort of way to attract the ladies. I'm being serious, the only place I've seen medallions are at salsa/latin joints. But whilst searching for a place to dance in Dallas, I think these guys take the cake:

I think mimicking say a Cesear Romero or Anthony Quinn would suffice:

Regardless, I fear my snake skin boots will not suffice down here. Now I have to go find a medallion shop (5:36 mark, you MUST listen to it, Fernando Martinez would require it).

Post post - From Joan of Argh!!!! I would take the florescent lighted boots.

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Joan of Argghh! said...

Anybody showed up in these yet?