Monday, April 16, 2012

I Burned the Fish

The diet I must follow along with my workout routine recommends healthy meats such as fish and poultry. I bought a pan to cook these meats and learned that I get easily distracted by things and so it is usually when the fish is burning that I remembered I was in the middle of cooking.

It is because of my genetic predisposition to be a bad cook that I envy bachelors like this.

It also behooves the question:

Is cooking one of those skills that is akin to dancing that attracts the ladies? I would say no, in that there is no attention-begetting qualities for the women if the guy is a good cook. Just the utility that comes with eating great food. Dancing, however, does beget attention, however, there is no real consumptive utility.

On a related note! I want the moon one!

Dang, I love it with courting and economics collide.


Adam V said...

No its probably not on the same level but it can be a helpful secondary attribute (unless you own restaurant, I suppose).

But if you want to become an adequate cook, go apply for a job at a restaurant/pub you like, start as a dishwasher and then work your way up until you start working during dinner or lunch rushes. I guarantee that by the time they let you near a paying customers food, you'll know enough about cooking that you won't burn your fish any more.

And you'll get paid to learn something new and useful (beat that Harvard). For a guy of your intelligence and manual skills, I figure you'll be competent in 6-9 months.

Arch said...

It's not the same kind of attraction as dancing.

It's a display of higher value. In other words, "I don't need a woman to eat well so I don't need you." And being enlightened, we all know that women are attracted to men who don't need them.

Captain Capitalism said...

Oooo! Good point. I didn't think of "higher value." I was myopically focused on the attention-getting aspect of dancing. Serves me right.

Country Lawyer said...

Its a good tool to have after sex if you want to keep the woman around. Cooking for them occasionally (not all the time, make it something special), and well will make them feel like they have a special connection to them.

I do not recommend cooking for them before sex.

Being able to demonstrate in a conversation and understanding of cooking (or drinks for that matter) is DHV

August said...

It actually displays lower social value, at least in the deranged modern American woman's mind. They are looking to bag an alpha male, not part of the staff. If they don't appreciate 'women's work' enough to do it themselves, they won't view a man who is doing it as attractive.

You should learn anyway, though. It is the only way you can get decent food on a regular basis.

Paul Chappell said...

I would say that it is very helpful... Perhaps not as the initial "attention getter", but certainly later on... When you can say in all honesty looking at what most restaurants server and tell her that "You know, I can cook all that and do it better"... But then I grew up in an Italian neighborhood where NOT knowing how to cook was odd :-)... My ability to cook well might not have gotten me initial dates, but it sure helped in the long term, both in relationships and when I was single :-)... Didn't eat out much because I could do it better, cheaper and with better stuff than I could get out...

Anonymous said...

A man who can't grill a steak is less than a man. A man who is clueless in the kitchen comes across as impotent - someone who "needs his nanny". A man who can't cook the fish he has caught is a wimp.

You don't have to flaunt your ability. Again the usefulness in cooking for the woman depends on whether she likes to do the cooking.

Liberista said...

you got this spectacularly wrong, Capt.
cooking skills will get you MANY ladies.

Captain Capitalism said...

Oh, i'm not saying it doesn't help, but I was asking whether it was on par with being able to tango.

Anthony said...

Country Lawyer said what needs to be said.

Joan of Argghh! said...

I burn too many things these days. I blame it on not having a job. My whole sense of timing and management has gone out the window.

Anonymous said...

If you are single, young and poor the only way you will eat well is is to know how to cook. My wife usually cooks because I'm at work, but I usually cook on weekends, which means I have time to cook a nice Sunday dinner, which the whole family will enjoy.

Last fall I was moose hunting in northern Ontario and roasted freshly killed grouse over an open fire. Turning a living thing into dinner is a basic survival skill, and very manly. - minuteman

Anonymous said...

Suppose a young woman shows up at your place with the intent of f***ing your brains out. You and she begin. At some point both of you feel ravenously hungry.

Do you --- warm up some cold pizza? Ask her if she can cook?

Or do you open a cold bottle of champagne, shuck some oysters, pull out some filet and ask her how she likes hers? And then replenished, get back to the main action?

Which picture do you like the best?