Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Correlation Between Ugly and Stupid

Because of course Italy and Spain don't have larger problems to deal with.

And wow, what are the chances the person who offered this idiocy is an ugly feminist!?

OMG! 100% Who would have guessed!?

And you feminists REALLY want to be taken seriously? KA-ripes.


Just1X said...

Speaking of Spain.

It's on the news that the Spanish government is requiring Spanish people to declare all their bank accounts.

They say it's for reducing tax avoidance, maybe so. Can't argue with them wanting to do that.

Also very handy if you are going to be booted out of the Euro. You know where all the Euros are that you're going to force convert to the new Spanish peseta, you know the currency that's going to plummet in value.

I'm no economic genius (let alone a super one), but to me this looks like one of the entries on the currency change checklist.

Arch said...

How come they never whine that all ships are referred to in the feminine?

I wonder if BS like that would fly in a culture with a language that has nouns of masculine and feminine types. It seems like that might be a hedge against feminism as it would reinforce concepts of masculinity and femininity.

Matthew Walker said...

They're women. They want to be taken seriously as a political force. They don't know what intellectual seriousness even is. They think you take people seriously if, and only if, you're afraid of their political power.

Women (modulo Tam and a few others) take you most seriously when you carelessly toss out obvious lazy bullshit to demonstrate that you don't much care what they think. To them, that implies power, if you strike the right note in your manner.

Serious demands are anathema to serious feminism. They're feminine, duh.

John Cunningham said...

I can't decide which is more accurate: 1) someone set her face on fire, then put it out with a shovel; or 2) she looks like she was eaten by a wolf, then shit down a cliff.

Pat Sullivan said...

Lets face it, this time next year, this issue will be a university degree. You know, part of some gender studies class. Male Street Discrimination Names 101, how women are oppressed by male street names.

Hats off to the leftists at the BBC, for even reporting on such baloney.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to mention that feminists here in Italy are convinced there is an actual female genocide going on in the country. There is just no reasoning with this kind of insanity. Even newspapers that are supposed to be respectable allow feminists writers to rant about feminicide or however they call it (and however it is translated into english).

Legion said...

Christ and Odin! The names are limited.

How many Ugly Ass Avenues, Dumshit Boulevards, Slut Streets and Cum Dumpster Alleys can we have in this country?

Just1X said...

@John Cunningham

You forgot the ever popular, "She's got a face like a bulldog licking piss off of a nettle"

(hope you enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed yours)

John Cunningham said...

Just1X, a true classic!! I will add it to my repertoire.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of funny that the feminists are not concerned that the majority of streets in cities planned, founded, built and maintained by humans should have non-human street names. Nope, it's always a pissing contest to them.