Monday, April 16, 2012

From Our Brazilian Man in the Field

I forgot about this one a while ago. Sent in a by a reader. It's from (reddit) I believe - comments in regards to Worthless. Today's word is "delusional." The comments can also be called "priceless."

I guess, perhaps I was misled about the open-mindedness of the youngest generation when I spoke to those college kids in Dallas.


Anonymous said...

I got off reddit for a reason...because it was filled with people like these.

Anonymous said...

Open-mindedness? I'd settle for Any-mindedness.

Anonymous said...

Well, there you see it. One book will not reverse the direction of the world.

It will be interesting to see the music major twenty years from now. For the reasonably skilled, music allows one almost to eek a living. Almost. The talk of playing at weddings suggests that this one is in the "reasonably skilled" category. Usually the females end up married. Lots of men with real jobs want to marry musicians.

It is a matter of ability. If a student is a pianist, for example, and connoisseurs compare her to Martha Argerich or whoever then there may be financial point in continuing - in other words if the student is the one-in-one-hundred-million.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #3, that pianist could become a piano teacher, teaching more budding pianists, and if she can refill piano Ponzi chairs faster than you can say "Bernie Madoff", then she can graduate to the big leagues. And become the grand Piano czar for our Pianist-in-chief, who of course has majored in every key skill. And take note - his staff will not stop there, will he? By no means! May we not expect them to glorify the Sharp Won who will conduct us beyond mere mandates and proclaim womandates?
Or teach the world to sing Mellow-D?
No RRRR-piggie-ohs for you sir!

Bill K.

Anonymous said...

The last girl was right about something - not all guys find Engineer girls sexy. I would be fin with a fairly smart (IQ in the 130+ range) woman. Since I have a good job, I would want a good homemaker instead of a co-worker.

But yeah, pretty sad response.

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

I agree with "condecending asshole" part, but I also think you're correct.