Tuesday, April 03, 2012

No Sociology Majors in China


We used to be able to do that.

Now we can talk about our feelings and the oppressed classes of our country.


Amateur Strategist said...

You're never too old to start... and this place has been rated one of the best places to start (though it is a bit dry, you need scholarly discipline...)


Steam said...

True Cappy, but those safety rules and regulations we have are a good thing ultimately. The point is to not over-do them to the point of hamstringing economic growth (ala California for example). But Google the "Shanghai garbage bridge." They replaced an old, perfectly good bridge in Shanghai with what was supposed to be some new, modern improved design, but as it turns out, due to very lax rules and the extreme degrees of corruption that occur in the country, the bridge is literally made out of garbage! Where it is supposed to be steel and concrete, it is styrofoam and cardboard.

You couldn't pay me to cross any major bridge in China right now, a lot of them are probably junk that will start collapsing in due time. Not all are, but there is a total lack of quality control coupled with a high level of corruption there which results in some really shoddy construction.

MagicMarker said...

I was on OKcupid today and this was a comment from someone in my 'quiver'

>I'm a college student, studying art. Which is pretty pointless and I'm thinking of changing my major to Psychology.



Rowan said...

Capt. Read Jane Jacobs and understand why the West is doomed.


With free trade open, the West can't compete with Chinese cities only specialising in one thing (e.g. buttons or pillows).

The cities of the West have been destroyed, you can run a civilization from the suburbs.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about China as an economic power house. Their model is.fundrmentally unsustainable, a Japanese export method on steroids coupled with massive amounts of infrastructure spending, much if it on unneeded vanity projects. Fact is the US model, free markets and limited goverment, works, its just we haven't been following it for the last couple decades. The sooner we return tobour roots the sooner America becomes truly wealty again.