Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Gen Y is Completely, Hopelessly, and Totally Screwed Part 8

Part 8 of this series focuses on avoiding Human Resources, progressive credentialism, and other brilliant career advice I give to the little kinder:


Cogitans Iuvenis said...

Great video captain. But I've been to china and I follow their economic and geopolitical state. I would not move there a) its tapped out for the young expatriate, knowing chinese and being a foreigner no longer commands the relatively high wages it used to, from the 20 something ecosystem there. b) opportunities for western companies are decreasing, manufacturing u. The US is getting much cheaper and the Chinese government is throwing up more hurdles, from various professionals. Moreover, as you no socialism of any sort will fail. The Chinese have a massive real estate bubble, excess investment in infrastructure that might not have a positive ROI, read about their ghost cities and the boondoggle of their highspeed rail program. Lastly their economic model us based off of exports and full employment rather than profitability. If it were not for many government subsidies many of their export industries would have negative return margins. They essentially have a lot of ghost gdp, as long as they keep building skyscrapers, regardless on whether or not they get occupied, it shows up as gdp growth, but you know that this kind of growth us illusory. The Chinese government has also been bailing out their regional banks. Factor in their demographics and I would argue they are in wirseong term shape than the US. We at least have a abundant natural wealth and a healthier, more sustainable, demographic due to immigration.

Cogitans iuvenis

beta_plus said...

Great Video, but one small criticism.

I'd be careful about recommending moving to Denmark and Norway. They are fantastic for capital investment if you are a company in the right industries, such as IT, Finance, and BioTech. That's why business papers say such nice things about them. They are a nightmare if you are a man under 6'3" trying to make it in the world. The effective tax rate is about 70% in both countries with costs of living that make the Japanese dizzy. As for the women, well, I'd read "Don't Bang Denmark" by Roosh. As a half dane who has citizenship, my only criticism of the book is that he is not critical enough.

Basically, you should put part of your portfolio, but not your physical self, in those countries, if you are a man.

If you are a white woman and can score a Scandinavian husband, you can win the social welfare jackpot and have a very tall and good looking husband who will actually be a good provider, but it's not as easy as it used to be.

I strongly do not recommend going there to live unless you are lily white.