Sunday, April 08, 2012

Trenton Oldfield

Just read and you'll find out he's a spoiled little upper-class brat crusader.

If you took me and multiplied it by a negative 1, you'd end up with this loser.

He even has that face he knows what he's doing. Ug.


Mike C said...

Tweeted by Oxford's 2-seat, William Zeng: "When I missed your head with my blade I knew only that you were a swimmer, and if you say you are a protester then, no matter what you say your cause may be, your action speaks too loudly for me to hear you. I know, with immediate emotion, exactly what you were protesting. You were the right of seventeen young men and one woman to compete fairly and honorably, to demonstrate their hard work and desire in a proud tradition. You were protesting their right to devote years of their lives, their friendships, and their souls to the fair pursuit of the joys and the hardships of sport. You, who would make a mockery of their dedication and their courage, are a mockery of a man."

As a rower myself (albeit at a slightly lower level), I know that to reach this level, near the pinnacle of amateur sport, these guys have trained for around a decade, structuring their entire lives to their sport, putting themselves through pain for ~6 hours a day in the freezing, windy weather in order to compete. What a total farce. I won't ever mention the swimmer's name again - that's the best way to get revenge, methinks.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one.

Millionaire's daughter Laura Johnson convicted of driving looters during summer riots
Laura Johnson, the daughter of a millionaire, was today facing a lengthy jail sentence after being convicted of taking part in an “orgy of looting” during the height of the summer riots.

By Richard Alleyne
11:27AM BST 05 Apr 2012

The 20-year-old high flying Exeter university student, from Orpington, Kent, claimed that she had been forced to drive a drug dealer and his friends around during the mass disturbances in London.

But, after seeing photos taken by witnesses of her laughing and joking at the wheel of her car, the jury decided that she was a willing participant in the crime spree.

A jury found her guilty of burglary from a Comet Store in Greenwich, south east London on August 9, the worst night of the summer rioting.

It was there at around 2am that she was arrested at the wheel of her Smart Car with more than £5,000 worth of electrical goods in the back.

Johnson, who looked stunned as the verdict was read out, was said by the arresting officer to have revved the engine of the car and he was forced to smash the window to grab the keys.

Anonymous said...

24 Myrdle Court
Myrdle street
E1 1HP

He lives in Tower Hamlets ask him why he did it!!

Anonymous said...

This is the face of sexual loserdom.

WFLBG said...

Wait a moment--the London School of Economics hands out Masters of Science degrees for this kind of drivel?

I'm guessing his crusade started when he tried to get a job in the City, and the interviewer just pointed at him and laughed.

Malcolm Greenwood said...

Britain is too elitist, Australia too racist.
I think India should suit them both. Off you go. Call in and say Bye to that other annoying prat, Assange. Bloody hell what is with Australians who go and live with the Poms.