Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A View Into an Evil Woman's Mind

I don't normally call people evil.  I think that requires a combination of selfishness, amorality and genuine psychological issues.  Most people I disagree with are usually misled, uninformed, misinformed, or brainwashed.  Not evil.

However, Andrea qualifies as one of those genuine evil people.  She writes in response to "Faking a Wife and Kids to Have a Vasectomy."

Andrea said...You are no different from the people you criticize: maximize pleasure now, no responsibility later. If you had decided not to have kids by being celibate, by the way, my estimation of you would have grown. That's courageous. Vasectomy? Not so much. 

 Let break this down bit by bit to show where she's incorrect and being intellectually dishonest and then delve into the dark and scary recesses of her mind.

1.  I, and other men who have vasectomies, ARE different than those we criticize.  The people we criticize are people who who maximize pleasure now, but then jettison their responsibility to other people, namely the taxpayer.  The examples are limitless - single parents, people buying houses they can't afford, people driving without insurance and fleeing the scene, etc. - whereas we are engaging in an activity that ELIMINATES responsibility.  She is unable to accept that technology has advanced to the point people can engage in certain behaviors that DID have a risk, but that technology eliminates the risk.  It would be akin to me lecturing women for using birth control.  Or lecturing a little 5 year old for having a tetanus shot.  I can see it now, me yelling at a 5 year old...

"You are no different from those non-vaccinated children on the playground you criticize!  Except they are courageous enough to accept the responsibility when they get tetanus.  You coward!  Getting a vaccination!"

It leads me to believe she is either a religious fanatic trying to force her religious views on me and others, or she's evil, or both.

2.  If I decided to not have kids by being celibate her estimation of me would have grown. 

Oh, darn.  Shoot, and my whole life was about impressing delusion and psychotic strangers on the internet.  Not to mention, being so dedicated to that I would give up sex for a random stranger's opinion.

Now, let's going into the world of Andrea.

There are three things that make me convinced she's not just insane, but evil.

1.  Her inability to be intellectually honest.  In not admitting or recognizing having a vasectomy is actually a responsible act and something responsible men do, but rather trying to warp that into something "bad" it tells me she has no desire to have her thinking based in reality.  This is nearly 100% of the time a sign the person is trying to ply a double, NON-logic based standard on you, so you have to essentially abide by their logic and terms which are usually flawed and politically motivated.

2.  Control.  Who lectures you about what form of birth control you use?  Who lectures you about anything as long as you aren't hurting anybody?  Control freaks, that's who.  Dictators, tyrants and crusaders.  People who are unable to discern where their authority ends and where your sovereignty begins.  They have no respect for you as a person and in a very evil manner decide, all on their own, they have the right to dictate to you what you are going to do with your personal life.

3.  No fun for you/doesn't like sex.  Is there anything more sick and wrong than a person who doesn't like fun?  Also, I NEVER, NEVER trust anybody who doesn't like sex.  That is a 100% correlation to somebody with problems.  And I'm not talking the 18 year old girl who is scared of having sex the first time or maybe isn't secure with herself just yet.  I'm talking the full grown woman that not only uses sex as a weapon, but just outright hates it.  Red flag, red flag, red flag.  WARNING WILL ROBINSON!

Now I could go all over the place with this.  How to avoid these people, why never to date them, etc. etc.  But I will merely point out that there are people like this out there men (and ladies).  Evil people.  People who are pscyhologically incapable of respecting you, respecting your freedoms and through a lack of morality have no problems getting into and controlling your lives. And I'm willing to bet, when push comes to shove and men start having more and more vasectomies AND decide to go Galt, not man up, not marry up, the likes of Andrea and her ilk will deem it their AUTHORITY and RIGHT to start pushing for legislation that we pay a "bachelor tax" or dare to even go so far as to eliminate vasectomies.

Her mind is darker and scarier than that, and I could say more but I'm sorry.  I'm here to enjoy the decline.  And by "enjoy the decline" I mean have sex with no costs or ramification because of my vasectomy.

Stay frosty, boys.


van Rooinek said...

Although I cannot endorse your decision to have a vasectomy, nevertheless I am amused by the liberal hypcrisy.

When a female, Sandra Fluke, is condenmed for being a slut, feminists rushed to her defense and asserted that taxpayer-funded contraception was her "right". Conservatives who asserted that Sandra the Slut should have abstained instead, were called bigoted and intolerant.

When a man, Cappy Cap, has a vasectomy, so that he can, for lack of a better term, slut around, Liberals condemn his contraceptive surgery, and assert that he should abstain instead!

So apparently, it's okay for a woman to be promiscuous, but not for a man. And these same feminists howl about "double standards", LOL.

Unknown said...

Hear! Hear!

Captain Capitalism said...

Van Rooinek,

Heck, it isn't even to "slut around." It's for a much more noble reason. I DON'T WANT CHILDREN.

I fear a child that was mine would have a HORRIBLE father. I would not want to raise it, spend time with it, and i would resent it.

It is thinking of the theoretical child I would never have that drove me to have a vasectomy.

Ecclesiastes said...

I have a different definition for evil, but I think Andrea's position still fits.

An ideal, philosophy, or practice that appears morally good, but destroys the person holding to it, ever more so as it is more tightly held or consistently practiced.

It's been hard to think of an appropriate analogy.

If you are intoxicated, it is not courageous to drive about town even if everybody else is intoxicated too?

Anonymous said...

Just reply "My body, my choice:" That should shut them up.

Take The Red Pill said...

Her attitude reminds me of former carousel riders in their thirties who HATE men that are refusing to 'man up' and marry them -- I think it's for the same reason, too.

In womens' minds, a man who has had a vasectomy has eliminated any chance of an "oops" pregnancy -- and has thereby 'cheated' at least one of them out of at least 18 years of 'child support'; in the same way, a man who refuses to marry has 'cheated' at least one of them out of an expensive wedding, an expensive McMansion in the suburbs, and her cash and prizes from the divorce.

In short, he has escaped servitude and financial slavery.

This could also explain why so many women both hate and fear MGTOW.

Anonymous said...

40 years of feminist claptrap is being checkmated.

The temper tantrum is fun to watch.

Laowei said...

I ended up reversing my vasectomy after years of persistent pain, so the operation isn't as trivial as it is advertised.

The selfishness comes in when you get older and accept social security and obamacare. Since boomers are incapable of saving anything, it will be my kids who have to shoulder the burden of supporting elderly leftists who spent their productive years studying interpretive dance and praising their courage for voting for Obama. Each aging SWPL who decides not to have kids because it would inconvenience their ability to attend protests doesn't plan to give up their demand that the government supports them in their dotage, it just means they expect someone else to sacrifice to raise productive citizens, who will then have their productivity seized to support them.

At least your S&W retirement plan is intellectually honest and compatible with your decision to not have kids.

van Rooinek said...

I fear a child that was mine would have a HORRIBLE father. I would not want to raise it, spend time with it, and i would resent it.

I can't fathom such a mentality, especially from a member of a dying race.

Being a good father is largely a matter of choice. You can be a good father if you WANT to. It's a decision, or more accurately, a lot of decisions, daily, to choose the higher good.

An ideal, philosophy, or practice that appears morally good, but destroys the person holding to it, ever more so as it is more tightly held or consistently practiced.

Surely this applies civilizationally as well as individually. Vasectomy is just as deadly as feminism. The end result is the same -- the death of the West.

I'm teaching my boys how to survive the "great re-set" and rebuild and repopulate.

Wouldn't it totally suck if you survived the fall of America, the Red Dawn war, etc, and came out on the other side of the chaos, unable to leave a legacy? There won't be microsurgery in the post collapse America, so get your reversal NOW.

Or face the curses of your forefathers in the afterlife.