Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Smarter, Better, Faster, Stronger

Follow me on this.

The reason capitalism has been so successful is because it acknowledges AND INCORPORATES human nature into it's basic bylaws.  Humans will always operate in their best interests and maximize profit.  Why fight these natural urges?  Just tailor a government and economy around and based in those natural urges.

Communism, on the other hand, "hopes" and "prays" people altruistically do "the right thing" and if you don't, by god, we have camps for the likes of you.

Debate ensues about what "should" be done, but I always like hard core, cold stone instances of empirical proof as to what is the reality of human nature and thus, which economic model is feasible and which is "hopey changey."

Enter the illegal drug trade.

What I LOVE about the illegal drug trade and why I CHEER ON THE DRUG CARTELS is because they are not only empirical proof a government should NEVER get into moral or social issues and merely stick with economic issues, but because they highlight the pure genius and power of the human mind and the individual.  The innovation that gives capitalism the ultimate edge over socialism and makes it the defacto/default economic reality.

You morons keep making all the rules you want.  Smarter, faster, better, stronger people will subvert you.


Andrew said...

I always liked to counter arguments of "should" with "Adults deal in the world of is"

the dude said...

I once used the illegal drug trade as an example of pure free market principles on an essay question during college (the only thing I remember out of that class filled w/ dumbasses crying about racism and global warming).

I got an A. The only A ever given in the history of that test being given. to the radio said...

The capitalism that you speak of is largely non-existent in the corporate world I found.
Having lived in the world of hospitality management where you were always beaten over the head with stupid metrics at the department head meetings I was optimistic when I was able to jump into a tech company.

Example of stupid metric:
The food satisfaction score in the restaurant is sixty nine percent.
Dump on the food and beverage manager.
What really should have been done:
Fire the chef who takes his job for granted and doesn't give a damn.
Action taken:
Fire the food and beverage manager even though he can't fire the chef, that's the general manager's jurisdiction.
The food satisfaction score in the restaurant is sixty nine percent.
Dump on the next food and beverage manager foolish enough to stick his head in the noose.

When I got a job at a tech company I found the director of engineering there was more concerned with how we formatted our reports than he was with the actual engineering.
And how to finesse the data from our tests so that failures could be considered successes.
Never mind that the projects we were working on were a year behind the scheduled delivery date.
And even less concern about the quality of the product he was sending out the door.

The proper font was the higher priority.

Carlito said...

I think we're approaching the economies of scale needed to build some kind of ICBM loaded with drugs... Will the Cartels be testing the Reagans SDI project?