Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nag Nag Nag

Really?  Female economists are for MORE government regulation?

Gee, I didn't notice with all the women in my life nitpicking and micromanaging and questioning every little decision I make.  Not to mention, every woman having the natural, unconscious overriding desire to lead while ballroom dancing even though they're noobs.  Not to mention, seemingly questioning the wisdom of other people's decisions when I get the feeling the only reason they do that is NOT to understand the decisions, but merely for the sake of being able to question and interrogate other people.

Would NEVER had guessed female economists think they know what's best for the economy and lean to the left!


Aurini said...

Good Lord, you just made something click for me - I'm not much of a dancer at all, but when I grabbed my ex and tried to jokingly drag her around to some music, she COULD NOT follow my lead! High School dances were never this bad; it was more like a wrestling match than a dance.

When gender equality messes up peoples' ability to dance, you know it's jumped the shark. Do they even teach the "Male Lead" in High School dance classes anymore, or is that considered sexist?

Unknown said...

Haha!!!! This explains so much now. Look up Peggy Charren if you have time. She was the woman who founded ACT (Action for Children's Television) in the 60s and vouched for program "diversity." She grew up in a liberal, middle class environment. The organization she founded is a bit similar to Paretns Television Council, which was founded by conservative history major. I'm seeing the connection between upbringing, what you major in college, and what people end up doing as a result and it's scary.

I hope no left wing female economists see this post and accuse you of being "sexist" or hateful because you're telling the truth. Everybody wants to be offended in some way now.

Captain Capitalism said...

Oh Roberto,

You'll quickly find out that if you speak the truth, you will be IMMEDIATELY accused of an "ism."

"Sexism, racism, ageism."

All you're doing is pointing out the scam most socialists are running.

For example, it IS in the best interests to point out women do not major in engineering as much as men and this is the PRIMARY reason they don't make as much.

So the logical conclusion is to point that out to women, they go into STEM degrees, BOOM! Wage gap closed.

BUT, that would force them to work hard and study math AND give up their cushy little non-profit government jobs that are disproportionately financed by our taxes.

Ergo, you hate woman, you're a sexist.

You'll see more of it as you get into your 20's.

daniel_ream said...

Apropos of not much, I studied engineering at the most highly regarded engineering school in Canada. I started my undergrad just as the Legion of the Perpetually Offended starting working on the engineering faculty.

After twenty years of diversity, outreach, Women in Engineering fellowships and stripping the engineering student society of anything deemed "sexist", the result is that enrollment by women in that school has dropped to half what it used to be and the school has slipped to third or fourth in Canada for engineering.

Anonymous said...

So, from an economics perspective we need "more balls and fewer boobs"?

Anonymous said...

Captain? Is there a large community of female economists of which I am totally unaware or are the % of opinions stated pulled from a very small group?

Captain Capitalism said...

Ha! No, I think I saw maybe a dozen female economists in my life.

But, come on! economics requires MATH!

I'd rather "help the children."