Monday, September 10, 2012

How to Advise Your Child About Choosing the Right Major

Well, now, this isn't SWPL!


cryptical said...

Not to be a nit, but I think your flag is backwards.

Anonymous said...

Good one.

My daughter and her husband are teachers. When she decided to be a teacher, she said she wanted her long summer vacations. That is a valid decision.

But, I did warn her, when down the road you find out your pay isn't too hot, do not ever whine where I can hear you. She hasn't, though her pay is crap. In fact, she has learned her modestly priced house has such high taxes in southern Texas, when she retires if/when her husband dies, she will not be able to pay the house taxes on her teacher's retirement.

Good video, man!

Anonymous age 70

Anonymous said...

My problem was not that my folks loved me too much not to tell me the harsh truth. My problem was that they did, but I didn't listen. It worked out OK, but I got lucky.

Hard to know whether someone else telling me the harsh truth would have helped. But it can't hurt!