Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yes, What a "Heroic" Single Mom

You go grrrl!  Grrrrl power!

This is nothing more than the most selfish bitch on the face of the planet.  I will further contend she couldn't care less about her kid as much as she does using the kid to get attention and ruining other people's fun.  I pity the kid.


Anonymous said...

Isn't freedom of association considered a basic human right? Doesn't that mean that whoever you decide to get together with for a social occasion in nobodies business but the people involved? - minuteman

Captain Capitalism said...

Single moms are more important than you and me.

Brian said...

The kids will be better off without this male-centric event. Fathers have no place in the lives of their children. This woman should be considered a hero for fighting against such medieval patriarchal thinking.

Sarcasm, of course...

Anonymous said...

A father daughter dance. I have never heard of such a strange custom.
My two daughters would have worn a bag over their heads, if I ever attended a school dance. And someone would have had to bribe me with a case of scotch, to get me to attend the dance.

That being said, this lady should have been told to; "stick it where the sun don`t shine".
Am I surprised by this article, no. But I am disgusted with this report.

On a side note; is there any wonder, that she is single? I bet she owns more then one cat.

Carnivore said...

The parents should organize their own father/daughter and mother/son events. They don't need the school's or the government's permission to do that.

And you can bet that the next time school board elections are up, the parents will have forgotten about their outrage and then later wonder why nothing changes for the better.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, single mothers - and their cheerleaders - make me mad.

Even if they *are* as hard working as they claim to be (hey, stop laughing!), that's not very impressive. My daddy (yes, I have one) taught me that the definition of wisdom is to avoid situations which you need wisdom to get out of. So if you've spent your entire life running to stay still because you made awful decisions...well, I'm not sure what's heroic about it. Especially if they refuse to admit that they made bad decisions in the first place.

Also, I keep hearing single mothers wanting credit because they allegedly kept their children away from bad, bad men. And THAT'S why they're single moms and you should never criticise them. None of the fathers were apparently up to it. Leaving aside the question of how many bad, bad men (or women) can be out there, it does bring the question of how they didn't figure this out before they had his/their baby/babies.

Also, considering that all these women seem to come from communities where single mothers are the "norm", all that proves is that generations of single mothers just create men who are, at best, indifferent to fatherhood.

The married same sex parents (yes, I consider them married) don't do this kind of stuff, because they don't feel the need. The single mothers do it because they're defensive. It's a curious dynamic that they start off vaguely unmarriageable, they make it worse by having bastards, which then snowballs into them becoming the kind of people who ruin everything for everyone else.

But remember, the problem is always with everyone else. They themselves are perfect - it takes a village, don'cha know. The fact that, if it takes a village then the village gets a say, never seems to impinge. They just do what they want and everyone else has to both pay and fall in line.