Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why Leftists Tend to Be Uglier

Liberal Open-Mindedness Disclaimer - If you are a liberal and are reading this, you must read the whole thing.  Do not claim to be "open minded" and then not get to the meat of the post below then blather on uninformed about this post.  Thank you.

Study comes out showing that republican women candidates tend to be more feminine looking than they're liberal counterparts.

No duh.

I'll say it again for the cheap seats and see if I can succinctly summarize my theory (which is right) about why this is so.

Liberals and leftist in general tend to be lazy.  They eschew hard work, they're afraid of rigor, and this shows in their ideology.  ANYTHING to avoid having to support themselves or work an honest day.  Yes, I know some work hard, but it's more or a less a monopoly of the left to hear:

"Life's unfair."

"I'm discriminated against."

"The glass ceiling."

"The Man is holding me down"

etc. etc.

Now, even though it's disingenuous and intellectually dishonest, they can get away with this in an economic and political sense because this is a democracy.  Socialists and leftists with heart-tugging sob stories can get the majority of voters to vote in policy that transfers wealth and essentially allows them to be lazy and avoid real, productive work.  We all have to abide by this because we live in this democracy.

HOWEVER, while a democracy may force different economic policies on society through the government, IT CANNOT CHANGE HUMAN NATURE.  Specifically, no matter what policies socialists and leftists try to implement, you will never change what a woman is attracted to and what a man is attracted to.

Women like strong, tall, big men.

Men like long legs, long hair, big boobs, tight asses and feminine features.

This means liberals and leftists (just like all humans and animals on this planet) ARE FORCED to compete when it comes to courting and mating, whether they like it or not.  However, when I say "compete" I don't mean, "be lucky enough to be born handsome or pretty."  I mean "work out, stay in shape and make yourself sexy to the opposite sex."

Which means, again, just like any other job, just like any other degree, just like any other pursuit, it requires effort, discipline, rigor and hard work.  Things liberals and leftists abhor.

And it shows.

Now, keep in mind what I'm saying here because I don't want to be misquoted or taken out of context.

I do NOT believe liberals and leftists are born uglier than their average conservative counterpart.  It's not like they're genetically inferior or anything.  What I am talking about is that they put A LOT LESS EFFORT into their physical appearance.  Ergo, this is not a criticism of their basic, physical beauty, let alone their genetics, but it IS a criticism of their psychology.  You could take that Prius-driving, 45 year old, gray haired, super skinny yoga woman who never wore make-up, never did her hair up, give her a make over and she'd come out looking just fine.  Just as you could take the cowering, tubby orbiting beta with the Seth Rogen beard, through him in the gym for 3 months and have him come out looking just fine.

But that's the not the point.

The point is to your average leftists such working out and maintenance requires effort.  That AND the added risk they may still "fail" in attracting a mate.  It is their pure hatred and fear of effort and competition that not only drives their political and economic ideologies, but also drives their "romantic" or "mating" ideology.

Therefore, since it takes too much work to don a pair of heels and gussy yourself up or hit the gym and lose some inches, what do liberals do?

Try to change reality.

Thus why you have "fat acceptance."

Thus why men are "shallow" for liking big boobs and tight asses.

Thus why liberal women don't "lower themselves to objectifying themselves for men."

Thus why "I don't need a man, fish bicycle, test tube babies."

All while exuding that same pompous, arrogant, hypocritical attitude they lord over the rest of us adults as they "go green" and drive their Priuses.

In the end you have a group of people living in denial.  They're so lazy and afraid they will never try and thus, they will never achieve their best.  They will not re-define reality (because reality is reality, it bends for no liberal), but will only manage to delude themselves what reality is.  And thus you end up with wimpy, pansified men dating or marrying homely, ugly, unpleasant women pursing a "life" of pursuits and hobbies that require no real effort (going green, joining a political crusade, claiming you care about the children, majoring in "Lesbian Chinese Sculpture Studies," drum circles, yoga, you name it).

It is a life they really don't enjoy and it is the reason you never really see any of them smile as you pass their bumper-sticker-laden Prius on the highway.

Enjoy the decline!


Anonymous said...

I agree, and I also wonder if some leftists were ugly first and then became leftists (these would be the ones who really are genetically ugly).

A lot of leftism seems to be based in ressentiment - the weak attempting to destroy the strong, the stupid trying to destroy the smart, and the ugly trying to destroy the beautiful, by displacing the traditional value system with one that exalts the weak, the stupid, and the ugly instead.

Captain Capitalism said...

Eh, I would go with the "ugly first, change the world second" theory if I saw more GENUINELY ugly liberals. About 7-8 out of 10 are normal people who just don't try. They're not terribly overweight (heck most liberal chicks are thin), but they EASILY have the capacity to be attractive. They CHOOSE not to.

The Andrea Dworkins of the world, well...that's a different story and a tragic genetic mutation.

db said...

Now now yoga aint easy

Dan said...

Game, set and match....another winner Cap.

Anonymous said...

Hey Capt,
how about your comments regarding right wing and left wing men. I recall you mentioned the right wing guys looked like someone, that could stand up for themselves in a fight. The left wing guys were 99 pound weaklings. You asked your readers to try and notice the difference, in various pictures.

It would be interesting to tie this in, with the ugly girl not ugly girl, side of the argument. The ugly left wing girls, seem to like weak left wing men. The pretty girls are attracted to; strong, independent, self reliant, right wing males.

Anonymous said...

wasn't there a study showing that lefties are more androgynous, or that lefty men have less T, while lefty women have more, than their righty counterparts?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Interesting theory. Perhaps that explains why lefties tend to drift to government and public service jobs or degrees than require minimal work. And I suspect that they also have a predisposition to tell others how to do things and demand their way.

But there are exceptions - I'm conservative and libertarian in philosophy and frankly, I don't give a damn about my looks (they're beyond hope anyway) nor do I give a damn about impressing people with stylish clothes (who gives a shit) or looking svelte (whoopee). Yes, I'll clean up and shave, and I'll wear clean clothes, but not much more. Function over style.

The things I notice about liberals is that they almost always expect or demand something from you, they're almost always insisting on doing things their way, they are almost always trying to change something for what they naively perceive to be better, and they have little tolerance for opinions that they disagree with.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Another reason why they're uglier...they're angrier. Such discontentedness spills over into their visage.

Also, mentioned you in this AM's post.

Anonymous said...

If you need to see this smashed into your face; on your next visit to Colorado stop through Boulder. I made my first trip through there in a while. (I only live 20mi away but I always avoid going there)

There's two different types of women:

1. The one that makes absolutely no effort to be feminine. No makeup, hair a mess, dingy clothes.

2. The ultra slutty chick who appears to be over-compensating. Sadly they need to be avoided because there has been a severe rash of made up rapes.

There's two type of male:

1. The hipster weakling pansy. I think if you got a dozen of them together they could probably kick your ass... But only if it was ironic enough.

2. The dirty hippy. This guy also finds it ironic to look like he doesn't give a crap, but I'm sure it takes him an hour a day to get ready to look like he doesn't give a crap.

I drive around in my Jeep with a cigar hanging out of my mouth and get a lot of hate from the hippies there. I need to get a bumper sticker which claims that I use 100% organic baby seal oil in my Jeep.

Captain Capitalism said...

I was in Boulder a couple times in the past year. I did not see any of "Type 2" girl.

I did wait a long ass time to get into a marginal restaurant while having the pleasure of being pretty assured I was the best looking guy on the block, if not, all of DT Boulder.

Ras Al Ghul said...

"I do NOT believe liberals and leftists are born uglier than their average conservative counterpart. It's not like they're genetically inferior or anything."

I disagree.

Go down to the basics.

Liberals "make the world more fair"

Conservaives "Keep things the way they are."

Which side of things are pretty women going to fall? Life is as close to being perfect for a pretty woman, and thus they want to keep things the way they are.

Life is not nearly as fun for plain janes (they still get freebies, just not as much) and thus they want to tilt things.

So actually, absent the need to fit in with the herd, pretty women will naturally trend more conservative, because life is good and why would woman want to upset what is in her best interests?

And uglier women will trend more liberal because of envy.

Take The Red Pill said...

Captain, you'll probably appreciate this joke; tell it to the next looney leftist/'progressive' you meet:
"A baby seal walks into a club..."

LordSomber said...

I think it's even beyond right or left, but involves elements of Sowell's constrained/unconstrained vision and Rotter's external/internal locus of control.
What do you think, Cap?

Captain Capitalism said...

Damnit Somber, I didn't want to have to read and get educated tonight.

Yes, I believe an element of fateism plays a role in some people's views. Additionally, I believe people's views change over time.

However, you do have SOME level of control over your physical appearance. Therefore it IS a choice on whether you want to work out, run, and eat right, or sit, do nothing and pork out. So again, when I see the middle age, premature graying woman WHO IS OTHERWISE IN SHAPE, it tells me she is choosing.

Bronan The Barbarian! said...

I live in Portland, which is pretty much ground zero for ugly fembots. I'd like to present Pacific Northwest's Next Top Model:

Thursday said...

A lot of women who become feminists are feminists because they are bad at extracting resources from men and thus want to change the rules of the game. They are unable to get resources from men because they are socially retarded, ugly, not attracted to men (lesbians) or unable to control their sexual urges (why buy the cow...).

So, yes, those born ugly will tend to become liberals and feminists.

Thursday said...

They're not terribly overweight (heck most liberal chicks are thin), but they EASILY have the capacity to be attractive.

Liberalism is an aspergery, rationalist political philosophy. (Libertarianism is the same way, only more so.) It attracts social retards.

Thursday said...

The ugly left wing girls, seem to like weak left wing men

Skinny left wing girls are the equivalent of those skinny guys playing WoW in their parents' basement.

Anonymous said...

the dems should do voter registration drives at walmarts

Peacemaker said...

I commented on Reddit that attractive women are rarely self-proclaimed feminists. This was in r/MensRights, no less. I was downvoted into obvlivion.

Good to see someone else's eyes are open.

Anonymous said...

lol. Are you serious? :)

Unknown said...

I agree with you. However, I believe this to only be half the equation. The other half, is that they are leftist BECAUSE they are ugly, perverse, self loathing, leeching, degenerates.

Unknown said...

In other words:

They are not ONLY... < Ugly Because They're Leftist >

They're Leftist < Because They Are Ugly >

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I dated a women who had an 8th grade daughter. Over a 4 year period she became fat and did not take pride in her person hygiene. I never herd the word "Fat Shaming" until she told he mom to stop Fat Shaming her. This girl is gonna be a raging liberal feminist. She constantly uses words like white supremacy and racist. She has no idea of what these words really mean. I have noticed most liberals can't debate and start yelling or shouting. They want everyone to conform to their ideas and like you said they don't want to get "on the bus" and work for stuff.

Great article.....


teejaysplace said...

I hate to throw a wrench in your well-researched theory; however, let's offer a simple counter-proof. For the sake of argument, we'll suppose that Hollywood is a never-ending cesspool of liberals. Then, we must consider that Hollywood establishes the basic standard of beauty currently used in the world via magazines, advertising, television, and film. Hollywood, it could reasonably then be said, is home to the most beautiful people in the world. So, if the most beautiful people in the world live in Hollywood and Hollywood is filled entirely with liberals, then the most beautiful people in the world are liberals.