Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Dear Girls Who Want to Date My Son"


Of course I remember what my mom told me.

"Maybe you're looking in the wrong places."

"Maybe you attract the wrong type of girl."

"Maybe your attitude is scaring off all the good girls."

All that did was make me redouble my efforts to find something that was wrong with me, that didn't exist.

I will warn you, a huge language warning, I guess this is what a Mama Bear looks like.

Stay frosty, boys.


sisterbrat said...

Thank you Capt. for posting this link.

My son is 12. As I have discovered and read from dalrock and others I have begun trying to distill their wisdom down to his level. As he gets a bit older I will have him read this.

At the same time I have tried to also spread it around to some of the young ladies I know. Since I am attending a community college, there are many around me who would beneifit.

I did slip one young man a paper with links to heartiste and dalrock. One mind/One pill at a time.

Zorro said...

Just read her blog post.

Holy chocolate fuck, was that harsh!

Totally Chuck Norris!

Zorro said...

On a related note, dude, have you ever read "No More Mr Nice Guy" by Dr. Robert Glover?

That book and "The Manipulated Man" by Esther Vilar Totally. Changed. My. Life.

Carnivore said...

Yes, that one's really good.

Sunshinemary has a recent blog post with an honest assessment of MGTOW. After asking for feedback, and getting it, she came to this assume conclusion:

Some women do get it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link, My Captain!

Anonymous said...

I just posted this article on my facebook page....wonder what my east coast daughter in law will spew now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You to? I got to assume moms are just wired that way. After all seems it would be in their best biological interest to raise the most alpha, dark traid beast they could.

But got to think, how far can this go? The economy will be fully hollowed out this decade. The cries to man up should reach a deafening roar. Talked locally with my friends about your idea of a bachelor tax, and they are horrified. Might as well slap shackles on us.

Anonymous said...

Wow - ought to be read to every junior-high girl

'Reality' Doug said...

I can't believe a woman wrote that. All the words have meaning with efficiency and purpose. I don't doubt that women have as much intelligence as men. It's that women dispense with intelligent conclusions for lack of judgement. There was Queen Elizabeth, ruler of a patriarchy mind you, but any women who have consistently sound political judgement are so rare as to be nonessential for civilization. A woman that wise and devoted could make my red-pill sanity sane, but aren't we just kidding ourselves? Does anyone commenting have firsthand knowledge of a politically wise woman?

Tom the Impaler said...

I regret the decades of my youth wasted being a nice guy thinking I was just that close....

Thomas Smith said...

I regret the decades of my youth wasted being a nice guy and getting just that close only to be shut down and put off for a fraud or a dick.

Anonymous said...

I've decided I'll only be reading books like this written by female authors for a while. If nothing else, I can be reasonably certain of a viewpoint which does not have a vested interest in distortion.