Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cindy Nerger, We All Think What He Said

For Cindy, and everybody else on food stamps, we all think what he said.

Additionally, I'm glad you cried, I'm glad you felt shame and I don't care that you have kidney problems, ESPECIALLY because if I had kidney problems since I was 11 and KNEW about those problems and the expense, I would not be bringing children into this world I can't afford.

But don't let that stop you from literally living off of me.  Don't let that stop you and millions like you making the rest of us work harder to make up for your mistakes and poor family management.  No, no, let's just get some sob story in the main stream media where people's heart strings are too touched to be critical and logical about it.  Meanwhile there needs to be more shame for people who collect food stamps.


Unknown said...

The undeserved entitlement here is disgusting, but not as in this story.

This is why I'm going to remain a bachelor. The commitment aspect would be a huge drain on the free time I could be spending sharpening up on my drawing skills and educating myself. By the way, my unemployed mom is a food stamp user, but I don't use that as an excuse to get people to feel pity for me and my family. I would have rather earned the money myself like a normal human being.

I hate how our society has become so politically correct to the point where we can't even distinguish between a pure, hateful insult and the absolute truth.

Unknown said...

The Young Turks' reaction to this story. I was trying to find the original video of the Kroger manager, but I found this instead.

Ana majored in political science. See the connection?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I feel about this one Cappy. She's married with one kid, and her husband is working. The only point of possible irresponsibility I see is having a child when you have kidney problems. But one or both of the following may have been true when she got pregnant:

A) Her health situation may not have been as bad when they decided to have a child. (We don't know without more information. But it's possible she didn't expect to deteriorate. Evenly seemingly healthy people cannot predict their long term health.)

B) Her husband's business may have made more than enough to cover everything.

The point this story likely turns on is the current economy. You could say they should have planned better for hard times. But who can sufficiently plan for government intervention and micromanagement? None of us. Not even the billionaires, which is why some of them are leaving and renouncing their citizenship.

I'm upset over a lot of the government assistance that's handed out. But without more information I'm not sure I can get upset over this case. Careers in construction have been shattered thanks to shenanigans by both the government and the banksters. I can't help but pity the men who could provide for their families just fine 5 years ago, and now struggle to keep food on the table through no real fault of their own. If society is going to take taxes to setup safety nets, these are the people who the safety nets are supposed to temporarily help. Not hordes of illegal immigrants, 3rd generation welfare queens, or spoiled kids who want to spend 8 years to learn how to play with puppets.

I just wish her food stamp account was linked directly to the checking accounts of Barry "You Didn't Build That" Obama and Ben Monopoly-Bucks Bernanke.

Captain Capitalism said...


Oh I know, but jesus christ. Why do I and the handful of us have to be responsible and people like her get to "ooops, I had a kid I can't afford on one income with a pre-condition."

Anybody think any more? Or is that just up to me and the other suckers who work?

Anonymous said...

I love how the woman supposedly can't afford to buy food, but she CAN afford to buy hair dye and makeup. Hair dye and makeup are not needs, they are wants, and if she has money to be buying wants, she doesn't need the taxpayer to be paying for her needs. I couldn't agree with you more!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:39:

So, if circumstances can be justified, need justifies theft?

suyts said...

The problem we're running into now, is that now we do have people who can't find work..... at least something more than a McJob. And we've got these other people who simply, as you say, didn't think and take for granted the help we give them. These things should never be considered permanent solutions. As far as that idiot being humiliated, I don't know how or why this would make a difference to her. We all realize when we're in line that the person infront of us is swiping that card on a different machine.

Dave said...

My HSM (heroic single mother) neighbor complained that her HSM cousin would visit with children in tow and eat all the food in the house.

"She mooches all your food? Why doesn't she use food stamps?"

"Because she uses her food stamps to pay rent."

"Come again?"

"She gives the card to her landlady, the landlady buys all her groceries with it, and that's the rent."

Anonymous said...

If we're so concerned about feeding the poor then why do we still have farm subsidies? Answer me that please.

Ras Al Ghul said...

Don't worry, she's going to go to college and get a degree in psychology so she will be a productive some day . . .


Anonymous said...

Cappy - Oh I know, but jesus christ. Why do I and the handful of us have to be responsible and people like her get to "ooops, I had a kid I can't afford on one income with a pre-condition."

That's the point where we disagree. I can't tell from the article if they are the perps (the irresponsible leeching off society) or the victims (husband's career destroyed by all the irresponsible leeching off society, and now they're put in the position of leeching to keep a kid alive). They might be perfectly able to afford that kid in a normal economy with normal ups and downs instead of massive, government engineered, perpetual failure. And do so even with her health problems. Or she may have been in a bad spot physically before the crash, and should have never had a kid. I just don't know from the article.

Point is, there are some clues of responsibility. She's actually married. There's only one kid. And the husband is making some money.

Anon @ 5:46 So, if circumstances can be justified, need justifies theft?

No. But I have some sympathy for people who are put in the position they are in by the very government that claims to help. I have no kids and have minimized my bills throughout my life, and I'm close to dipping below the line separating the productive from those on assistance. I'm clawing to stay above that line, but this depression has destroyed people with stronger careers then I had when it started.

I guess I'm saying let's can the entire government, elect people who will...I don't know...obey the Constitution, and get the economy moving again. Maybe this would be a couple who rise back above that line absent all the nonsense that's going on.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even against food stamps and I have issues with her story. She says that she was arguing with cashier and manager. I've been in enough Krogers to know that the managers don't get on the cashier line to handle customer disputes unless the cashier and then the front line supervisor can't handle the situation. She probably told all of them off and then said something rude to the manager after he agreed to cover the difference. The manager shouldn't have talked to her that way but I don't doubt that she said something rude to him first that made him react that strongly.

Anonymous said...

Especially irksome that she refused the $15 gift card that would buy her FOOD, and that would be $15 less that my hard-earned tax dollars would be spent, footing the bill so she can continue to go on every news channel, milking this crap for all it's worth.

And unless it was some sort of "unexpected pregnancy," to which I don't blame the child in all this, but I'm in agreement with the fact that she should have been more responsible by not bringing a kid into this world that she never intended on supporting. It's cruel, but it's also true. My husband and I both work long hours to fully support our OWN kids, and more hours spent away from them helps pay the taxes which supports her, and she can see her kid all she wants, and I DO take it personally.

And $20 she had fat steaks, Cheetos, bakery items, soda, and God only knows what else in that shopping cart, which is why it was called into question in the first place. Doubtful actual food STAPLES were present.

The victim game is tired, she needs to move the f#ck on, this free ride is ENDING!!

Anonymous said...

"She probably told all of them off and then said something rude to the manager after he agreed to cover the difference."

I agree. You have to be a real PITA to get a store manager to mouth off to you like that. They are trained and trained relentlessly to keep their cool so as to avoid lawsuits from some poor offended moron. Especially with a big chain like Kroger's. Don't believe me? Go find a chain store manager and call him anything you want. As long as you don't get violent all you'll get is an "I'm SO sorry you feel that way, sir, here have some coupons."

Anonymous said...

She wants to go to college and major in ... child psychology!

starskeptic said...

Sometimes I wonder why others would want to fly planes into our buildings - then I read posts and comments like these and remember why...

Anonymous said...

You are an asshole. You have no heart and the only one who can judge her is Jesus Christ. Know that. Sorry but a blog is not considered a job. So you get a job Captain asshole!!!!!!!!!!

Captain Capitalism said...

THe irony is of course i make enough money on this 'not a job' that I don't parasite off of other people like those on food stamps.

And yes, "Jesus" will judge.


Anonymous said...

I knew cindy when her daughter faith was first born. She seemed to be heathy. She knew she had some problems still, but my belief is that she, at the time, was healthy enough to have a child. Her problems and symptoms got worse later. And u are not her, nor have u ever been her, so u don't know what she goes through. None of us do. So those who judge where they have no right are the true evil in this world. I was once on foodstamps. It was my daughter and myself just trying to get by. I have a job, a pretty good one, I am going to school to one day have a better one. But if it wasn't for my now boyfriends income in the household too I wouldn't survive in this world without the help of government assistance. All I say is maybe one should focus more on their own lives then worrying so much about posting blogs involving others. Especially others that u have never even met.

Captain Capitalism said...

Wow, and you sound like a winner too!

Single mom

Not married.

Spitting out children.

And you also live off of the rest of us.

Ooo, but you have a boyfriend who pays for everything now.


Anonymous said...

The woman is on 12 hour a day dialysis, this is why she can't work.