Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Manosphere's Foreign Battalion

In my directory post that amalgamated all the Manosphere blogs and sites, there was one group that I forgot - foreign sites.

While we have our own battles to fight here, I noticed a disproportionate number of Scandinavian based sites on men's rights, feminism and the like and based on what I've seen, these guys are not only outnumbered and outgunned due to the government having feminism instituted into it, but they risk more derision, outcasting and consequences than we do here (of course, most of us have admitted we had nothing to lose anyway, so eh).

I think this is an opportunity in that we in the US can speak more freely and more truthfully about such matters in foreign countries without the risk of consequences from those countries (like, what are they going to do, tell the UN on us?) not to mention foreigners can speak openly without worrying about violating our various politically correct taboos.

So I've decided to start putting together the Foreign Battalion of the Manosphere here.  Please submit any you are aware of that should be put up here.  They will inevitably be consolidated into the main directory later.  I know of others, but this is the only one that comes to mind right now since I just got back from it:

I have no clue which language it is, but you get the idea.


Anonymous said...

from Germany

Bill said...

I like this Foreign Battalion idea. I like it a lot being that I live next door. Perhaps a company for each nation in the Battalion.

The blog you visited earlier is Swedish, but a Norgie wouldn't have any trouble reading it. I lived in Norway from 1999-2003. Albeit they have been privatizing key state functions (telecoms, power generation, etc.) it's still heavily socialized in the societal sense. It's a law that 50% of state legislators must be women; ditto for corporate boards of directors.

Anyway, I'll join Canuck Company if you like :)

Capt Bill (the longest serving captain in NATO)
Victoria, BC, Canada

Anonymous said...

Lubos Motyl's reference frame

smart guy, tells it like it is. and boggles non-physicist's minds ;)